Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nice End to July in Texas!!

The day after the hottest this year, 103 officially-108 unofficially, we had a front slip through again and we have had 3 glorious days of high 80's and now are looking at low 80's for the rest of the week.  YIPPEE!! This is normally the hottest time of triple digits for us, so this break along with a few scattered showers is such a nice reprieve.  You can actually go outside without losing your breath. I'm not complaining at all about this second breather during summer! So nice to sit on the portico and watch the birds and squirrels again.

I've been in a reading mood or some kind of funk lately, not wanting to scrap or even be on the computer, but think I am now out of that and back to scrapping and attempting to catch up...LOL! I got a few photos from Margaret and even some from Christina (that I am working on now) so here are a few pages I made last week.
For my sister, Kathy I used a photo of Jason and the kids ready for a karate course....they were in Springfield, MO for a tournament of some sort when Chris snapped them in the hotel hallway! Jade and Ruby both take classes and I am sure Jayson will as soon as he is a little bit older.  Aren't they adorable in Raspberry Road Designs cluster by Ellen and paper and word by Susan from her kit Wanderlust.
Miss Hayden wanting to put her toes in the sand...I used a QP by Linda at Random Thoughts
This is sweet, squishy, cutie pie Calvin.  I don't remember whose cluster this is, it is a very old one I got!
Here's a gorgeous photo that was taken of Hayden and Calvin at the beach at Panama City, FL.  Isn't it just a beautiful photo?  The QP if from Marijja at Fecnikek and the word art is from Donna at Donna's Digital Creations
This is also a freebie QP from Linda of Penny's 3 grand kids Hayden, Calvin & Annabeth.
And for Papa I did this page of Hayden to look as if she is looking at her own reflection...the frame is by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
That's all for now, I did manage a QP to put up for grabs at Miriam's Scraps if you want it.
Well, got to get up from here, have a cake in the oven and I need to get out of this gown, I have a house to go clean this afternoon so will stop for now, chat more with all of you a little later.  Have a fantastic hump day and make lots and lots of memories to share.  Hugs, Mat



Monday, July 14, 2014

It's been a while.....

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  I think I have been a little depressed since losing Tommy, but have finally come to grips with it! I know I gave him a good life even if it was a short one!

We are deep in the throes of triple digit TEXAS summer heat....LOL! Yep, finally the 100 degrees was officially hit yesterday, but....we have had a week of triple digits unofficially and with lots and lots of horrible humidity. The air has been so thick it is almost impossible to breath. I had forgotten I had asthma, because I haven't had any problems with it in several years since removing cigarette smoke from my environment, but this weather has caused some congestion to creep back in....soooooooo....this cookie is staying inside in the AC as much as she can! ( if I need an excuse!)  Surely have done a lot of catching up on my reading, napping, movies and TV shows I had taped up! Such is the life....RIGHT?  Sometimes, ya just gotta do what you gotta do!  BUT....if the weather casts are anywhere near correct (???) we are to experience a cold front starting tomorrow that is to drop temperatures by 20 degrees by Thursday!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!! Best of all, it is supposed to bring us some very much needed rain too!  If that all proves to be true...I will be out dancing in the rain puddles!!  LOL!

My hibiscus surely has shown off this year with blooms.  It has new blooms daily, from 1-8 each day and they are so big and brilliant in color.  The wind has blown so much I have to keep rotating the pot as it is causing the whole plant to lean, I finally tied it to a shepard's hook last evening to give it some stability. I have had to water the plants each evening as they are so thirsty from the heat and winds. Here's a couple of shots of the flowers from day before yesterday! I am surprised at how lovely they are each day! This is the first year I have seen a loves the hibiscus so I hung a feeder for it just above the plant under the shade of the overhang and it visits daily. I am hoping to have my camera and get a photo, but they are so fast and I can't shoot through the windows as I have full screens and it has just been too hot to sit out front and wait and not scare it away!

Okay, time to get my behind out of this chair and get some things done...I have to move before I get so stiff I can't...LOL! Y'all have a great week ahead and keep on making all those memories to share! Chat more with you later! Blessings sent to all of you! Hugs, Mat