Friday, July 30, 2010

OK out with the funky feelings!

Been a weird week for me...must be some atmospheric changes...LOL! Anyhow, I am back to me and anxious to create, so I made some new pages yesterday. After a week off this computer, I feel more rested and my neck and shoulder feels a lot better. Surely is hot, hot, hot here....but then it is the last of July and usually August is our hottest in this area. Heat index is back above 100, our week of reprieve is over! We did get a smidgen of rain on Monday evening and again on Tuesday evening! Enough to give the grass a growing spurt. I mowed, edged, weed eated last evening and it looks terrific. Next 7 day forecast is calling for 100+ each day and that is without the index added! So, guess I will get back in gear and crank out some more scrap pages that I have been longing to do.
I did this page for Amy from her vacation in 2007 when she journeyed to Washington,DC with Michael and his family. The kit is one from AMD called Wish You Were Here Postcard collection. The photos are some that Amy shared with me. Some of Miss Linda's WA is on here too! This is using the same layout as Amy's, but with vacation photos of our trip to Wyoming/Montana in 2005 with 6 other friends on our motorcycles.And this layout is visits with my sisters 2 years in a row...whoopee! I used WA by Miss Linda on this one.OK, enough of this kit for's one I made of Hayden from a photo I took when home in May. I used a BG paper from Cuddlebeeze's Dragondian Jewel kit, the WA is from Just Creations, the framed cluster is Altevina's Raspberry Kiss and the pillow is from MK's remember kit, recolored!
Whatever you choose to do today, make it memorable! Will chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

Thursday, July 29, 2010

so sorry Carol

Miss Carol got some sad news this afternoon of her uncle's passing! I just want her to know I am sorry for her loss and to let her know I am here if she needs me. Just remember he is out of pain and in a better place now. Love U! Later....Mat

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Rhett!

Today is Gary's, better known to us as Rhett, birthday! I hope it is an amazing one! I've used this photo of him and Ashton again, but I am sure he won't mind in the least! I also used cuddlebeez's last kit with no name. The mask is also a freebie from CraftCrave. The word art is from Word Art World by Jennifer. I really hope you enjoy some of the mint juleps and relax doing exactly what you want to on your special day! I know you will have a few visitors to enhance your special day so make lots of memories to share too! Luv from me & "the girls", Mat

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, hot and more hot...come on fall!!

Surely a scorcher of a weekend here, hottest temps of the year so far and that was without the heat index adding an additional 5-6 degrees. They finally lifted the excessive heat advisory last evening as some around got a stray shower. Not here...all we got was some dark clouds, thunder and lightning! We are only dropping to 80 at night and soaring to over 100 during the daytime. The waterparks around are overflowing with folks trying to stay cool! Not me...I'm soaking up AC in my comfy, cozy little home....and staying in a nightie! Will so appreciate when fall decides to roll around this year!! LMBO!!! (we're never satisfied, are we?)
Well, the class reunion was this weekend, sure hated to miss it, but just viewed some of the photos from it and I sure am glad they attached names to them as I would NOT have known any of those old folks...LOL...yep, guess I've been away toooooo long! After some studying of the photos, some I would have recognized their smiles, but that is about all...!
Jan and Scotty with their grandson Dillion came for a visit on Saturday. Jan & Scotty are the ones we went to Las Vegas for Christmas with in 2007! She has lost a lot of weight and looking good, even with her short, short grey hair...looks good on her. Scotty is doing well since having the pacemaker put in, he has quit smoking and his breathing is lots better, he is going to have a gastric bypass in August so keep him in your prayers for excellent results. We had a great time catching up. They really like all the renovations we have done to the house too!
I did make a few pages for Kathy and Christina with the new photos of Jade & Ruby...but mostly I just vegged, read, watched movies (BTW Bounty Hunter is really cute movie!) and unpacked the rest of the boxes in the computer room...yippee, all gone but the record LPs I haven't decided what to do with yet! I also got most of the caulking of the baseboards done too! And even backed up my computer files again!
Hope all of you have a terrific week ahead doing what you want to do and making lots of memories to savor later! Stay cool and will chat with you more later! Luv, Mat
Used a freebie kit called Garden Party by BGS
This is from the same Garden Party kit.
This is Christina's grandparents with Jade & Ruby in a freebie QP by lisaminor called lavender essentials and WA by Jennifer.
Of course, could not leave out my "girls" they are in a QP by KMD called Touch of Spring.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

45th reunion??

My graduating class is remembering 45 yrs ago this coming weekend. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, however, I made a page of my graduation photo and me today to share. So thought I would post it here for all to see. 45 yrs??? Impossible that I have been out of school that many years....LOL! Sometimes it feels like just a few weeks ago and other times...well let's not go there :o)!! I can't believe all that has happened since May of 1965...the places we have been and the things we have seen and done are more than most experience in their whole lifetime! I will be there in spirit with all of them and will be remembering the 22 that are no longer with us! Whatever you do today make lots of memories to share and have lots and lots of fun doing it! Chat more later! Luv, Mat (This is a freebie QP by Angelflight)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just Because I Like Change

I have naturally curly baby fine hair with lots of body and FRIZZ especially in humid weather. I have found something to tame the frizz as well as the curls making my hairdo a constant change. So much so that most people comment on it immediately when they see me now....LMBO!! Everyone thinks I have changed the color...NOPE been using same color for several years now to hide the gray in my tri-colored mousy blonde hair. Just looks different because of the styling. My sister had asked for a photo of the latest flipped up and out when I downloaded this QP #144 by Miriam Scraps, I decided to put photos of me on 5-24 with my curls, 6-29 with it under and 7-8 with the up flip. Do U think it makes a difference? Most folks have never seen it straight...LOL! Love that InStyler now that I have mastered it as it takes only 10-15 minutes to create a new smooth do that will last for at least 3 days and sometimes longer....Luv it, luv it, luv it! Well, got some chores to finish so gonna get up from this 'puter for a bit, y'all all have a great weekend. Chat more later! Mat

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Gerri!

We have been busy this week removing and replacing the tile in the guest bathroom and the laundry room. What a mess and sticky, sticky, sticky~not just the stifling heat outside either (rained every day now for a week)! We put down the new floating tile planks that look like slate! Awesome and feels so good to walk on barefooted, U know us "hillbilly girls" don't like wearing shoes in da house! Not slick when you get out of the tub either! Well, since we finished late yesterday (all but the recaulking of the baseboards/tub) I took today to finish errands (Dr appt, oil change, grocery shopping, post office to mail off stuff, etc) and make Miss Gerri a birthday page, didn't want to miss it since she is always so nice when my birthday rolls around (way too often here lately)! My girls and I hope you like this one and that U have a most wonderful and love filled memory making day tomorrow! Lots more of them to come too! I used a freebie kit from Teapot Lady called Garden of Laughter (seems to suit you since U keep us all laughing)! So tired, going to stretch out and watch a little TV before fixin something to more later! Luv y'all! Mat

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice Quiet Holiday!

Well, this little chickadee did just what she wanted to this past weekend as I soaked up AC, vegged out before the TV and had a most enjoyable, quiet, safe 4th of July! I hope that whatever you chose to do was exactly what you wanted to do too! And that you created lots of memories doing it!! I did unpack another 4 boxes, finally got some things put on the walls, printed out wedding photos for my personal books as well as Jade's ABC book. Now I have both hers and Ruby's done and printed and in books. Spoke with Penny over the weekend, as she was babysitting her granddaughter Hayden for a few hours, she gave me lots of suggestions for some of the words to use on Hayden's ABC book....LOL! I also spoke with Kathy and she had seen both of her grandbabies over the holiday as well. I did try taking a rest from this computer for a few days too. I've got Amy's wedding book finished (should be sent out to me today) so I did about 24 pages for Lance & Margaret's wedding from 2008 and planning to surprise them with a book. I really must have a serious case of OCD....LMAO here....but I so enjoy doing the pages for them...(maybe because they enjoy them so very much ya think?) Anyhow, back to work today, got to get busy and play some catch up, get the trash out, get my shower and do my hair and get dressed....I haven't gotten dressed in two whole it too! But now the mini vacation is over! Will chat with y'all again soon, have a terrific week ahead and make the most of it every day! Luv, Mat