Friday, July 30, 2010

OK out with the funky feelings!

Been a weird week for me...must be some atmospheric changes...LOL! Anyhow, I am back to me and anxious to create, so I made some new pages yesterday. After a week off this computer, I feel more rested and my neck and shoulder feels a lot better. Surely is hot, hot, hot here....but then it is the last of July and usually August is our hottest in this area. Heat index is back above 100, our week of reprieve is over! We did get a smidgen of rain on Monday evening and again on Tuesday evening! Enough to give the grass a growing spurt. I mowed, edged, weed eated last evening and it looks terrific. Next 7 day forecast is calling for 100+ each day and that is without the index added! So, guess I will get back in gear and crank out some more scrap pages that I have been longing to do.
I did this page for Amy from her vacation in 2007 when she journeyed to Washington,DC with Michael and his family. The kit is one from AMD called Wish You Were Here Postcard collection. The photos are some that Amy shared with me. Some of Miss Linda's WA is on here too! This is using the same layout as Amy's, but with vacation photos of our trip to Wyoming/Montana in 2005 with 6 other friends on our motorcycles.And this layout is visits with my sisters 2 years in a row...whoopee! I used WA by Miss Linda on this one.OK, enough of this kit for's one I made of Hayden from a photo I took when home in May. I used a BG paper from Cuddlebeeze's Dragondian Jewel kit, the WA is from Just Creations, the framed cluster is Altevina's Raspberry Kiss and the pillow is from MK's remember kit, recolored!
Whatever you choose to do today, make it memorable! Will chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

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