Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Gerri!

We have been busy this week removing and replacing the tile in the guest bathroom and the laundry room. What a mess and sticky, sticky, sticky~not just the stifling heat outside either (rained every day now for a week)! We put down the new floating tile planks that look like slate! Awesome and feels so good to walk on barefooted, U know us "hillbilly girls" don't like wearing shoes in da house! Not slick when you get out of the tub either! Well, since we finished late yesterday (all but the recaulking of the baseboards/tub) I took today to finish errands (Dr appt, oil change, grocery shopping, post office to mail off stuff, etc) and make Miss Gerri a birthday page, didn't want to miss it since she is always so nice when my birthday rolls around (way too often here lately)! My girls and I hope you like this one and that U have a most wonderful and love filled memory making day tomorrow! Lots more of them to come too! I used a freebie kit from Teapot Lady called Garden of Laughter (seems to suit you since U keep us all laughing)! So tired, going to stretch out and watch a little TV before fixin something to more later! Luv y'all! Mat

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