Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice Quiet Holiday!

Well, this little chickadee did just what she wanted to this past weekend as I soaked up AC, vegged out before the TV and had a most enjoyable, quiet, safe 4th of July! I hope that whatever you chose to do was exactly what you wanted to do too! And that you created lots of memories doing it!! I did unpack another 4 boxes, finally got some things put on the walls, printed out wedding photos for my personal books as well as Jade's ABC book. Now I have both hers and Ruby's done and printed and in books. Spoke with Penny over the weekend, as she was babysitting her granddaughter Hayden for a few hours, she gave me lots of suggestions for some of the words to use on Hayden's ABC book....LOL! I also spoke with Kathy and she had seen both of her grandbabies over the holiday as well. I did try taking a rest from this computer for a few days too. I've got Amy's wedding book finished (should be sent out to me today) so I did about 24 pages for Lance & Margaret's wedding from 2008 and planning to surprise them with a book. I really must have a serious case of OCD....LMAO here....but I so enjoy doing the pages for them...(maybe because they enjoy them so very much ya think?) Anyhow, back to work today, got to get busy and play some catch up, get the trash out, get my shower and do my hair and get dressed....I haven't gotten dressed in two whole days....YIPPEE...love it too! But now the mini vacation is over! Will chat with y'all again soon, have a terrific week ahead and make the most of it every day! Luv, Mat

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