Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, hot and more hot...come on fall!!

Surely a scorcher of a weekend here, hottest temps of the year so far and that was without the heat index adding an additional 5-6 degrees. They finally lifted the excessive heat advisory last evening as some around got a stray shower. Not here...all we got was some dark clouds, thunder and lightning! We are only dropping to 80 at night and soaring to over 100 during the daytime. The waterparks around are overflowing with folks trying to stay cool! Not me...I'm soaking up AC in my comfy, cozy little home....and staying in a nightie! Will so appreciate when fall decides to roll around this year!! LMBO!!! (we're never satisfied, are we?)
Well, the class reunion was this weekend, sure hated to miss it, but just viewed some of the photos from it and I sure am glad they attached names to them as I would NOT have known any of those old folks...LOL...yep, guess I've been away toooooo long! After some studying of the photos, some I would have recognized their smiles, but that is about all...!
Jan and Scotty with their grandson Dillion came for a visit on Saturday. Jan & Scotty are the ones we went to Las Vegas for Christmas with in 2007! She has lost a lot of weight and looking good, even with her short, short grey hair...looks good on her. Scotty is doing well since having the pacemaker put in, he has quit smoking and his breathing is lots better, he is going to have a gastric bypass in August so keep him in your prayers for excellent results. We had a great time catching up. They really like all the renovations we have done to the house too!
I did make a few pages for Kathy and Christina with the new photos of Jade & Ruby...but mostly I just vegged, read, watched movies (BTW Bounty Hunter is really cute movie!) and unpacked the rest of the boxes in the computer room...yippee, all gone but the record LPs I haven't decided what to do with yet! I also got most of the caulking of the baseboards done too! And even backed up my computer files again!
Hope all of you have a terrific week ahead doing what you want to do and making lots of memories to savor later! Stay cool and will chat with you more later! Luv, Mat
Used a freebie kit called Garden Party by BGS
This is from the same Garden Party kit.
This is Christina's grandparents with Jade & Ruby in a freebie QP by lisaminor called lavender essentials and WA by Jennifer.
Of course, could not leave out my "girls" they are in a QP by KMD called Touch of Spring.

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