Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love your Blog sites Ladies

I got this sweet Award from Ms Carol and want to be kind and pass it on to the sites I view regularly too. Thanx to all of you for your inspiration. So to:

Carol-Doodlebug-Angelscrapper....thanx so very much for your encouragement, inspiration, setup and assistance with my blog and especially your awesome freebie kits that you share. Thanx so much for the honor of your friendship.

Judy-you were my first FRIEND to assist me with my SBF pages and shared your love to a total stranger I will never forget. I absolutely love seeing your beautiful grandchildren through your eyes. Thanx for your friendship and daily blogs.

Gerri-your site just warms me all the way through your humor is absolutely adorable. I love your site, and treasure your visits to my blog and my visits to yours. Thanx for your friendship.

Linda-I met on Digiscrappers and absolutely fell in love with her site, her humorous blogs, her outlook on life and of course her fabulous page layouts, I love reading about your daily escapades. Thanx for your friendship.

Jude-Miss Scarlett-Thanx so much for your support and love on SBF, Digiscrappers and on my blog. I so enjoying visiting you as you are so close to home and you make some great Mint Juleps. Thanx for your friendship.

Donna-Donna was the first to ask me to design pages using her free kits for her blog site. I am so honored that she asked. I am very honored that she is my friend and shares her freebies too. Thanx for your friendship.

SherryC-We became fast friends fast on SBF and I adore her blog, her kits and her friendship. Thanx Sherry.

Tina-I love visiting Tina's blog as I can keep up with her and her gorgeous girls. I love her free kits and her friendship. Thanx Tina.

Sooze-I adore your blog spot, your awesome kits and your goregoues layouts, I visit her site often and want to say Thanx for the friendship.

Pascale-Pelin I adore you and your kits, your freebies that you share and your site, I have been friends since I first joined SBF and you were still in Turkey. I am honored to call you a friend. Thanx.

I love you all and you really deserve this award. Mat!!

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  1. How very very sweet you are!! Thank you so much dear Mat!! :-)
    I am Happy To know you too :-)
    Love, Pascale