Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Me Naturally

Hi y'all!

Just had a little time on my hands and wanted to make a page using CJS' beautiful Naturally Neutral kit. This is a photo from 2 years ago at the Texas District Rally in Kerrville (way south from here!). It is cold here this morning, but supposed to warm up some this afternoon. Our wind chill yesterday was 14 degrees (after 70 degrees the day before) and very cutting and biting, it even burst a water pipe in the back of the house, causing a small flood. This morning we awoke to no power in the master bedroom...ah, the joys of owning an older foreclosed home. Mike could not find any breakers thrown so....he thinks we may have critters in the attic eating the wires. Yikes!! Probably more like squirrels than mice (too many cats around), so this weekend he will be filling up any spots in the attic where a squirrel could get in AND finding the problem with the wiring. At least we still have the warming fireplace and lots of other rooms with lights so come on over for a spell. We have a Christmas party to attend on Saturday night that should be a lot of fun. Have a terrific weekend. Later.....Mat

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