Saturday, September 2, 2017

I can't believe I totally missed blogging in August!

What a quick month August was....actually I was so busy with so many different things, it just flew by! It was a historic month for sure! At least for us Texas dwelling folks anyhow! # Hurricane Harvey!
I know I made some pages for birthdays etc and downloaded some new freebies, but...haven't had a chance to do much else. I had a friend that needed to be taken to doctor 4 days in a row and then she had her surgery 2 weeks ago and has needed some help. Then another friend had a minor day surgery, and another that took a vacation and needed plants watered.  We've had a lot of rain (no, not from Harvey) so the yard and weeds and plants all needed some attention when it finally quit, then Harvey hit south Texas Coast...creating the worst havoc and flooding you have ever seen!
I am about 5-6 hours north of it, but...I do have family and friends that I was extremely worried about. So many have lost EVERYTHING they have, home, furniture, cars, belongings and yes, even some lost their lives! So far all my friends have been accounted for and the family had to be evacuated too! Still not sure if all is a total loss for them or not as they are still in a shelter in Alexandria, LA so that my sister in law can have dialysis. Just a few days before Harvey hit, she fell at Walmart and broke her arm in 2 places so she has really been through the wringer!  Her daughter is a teacher at Beaumont, but class has been cancelled all this and next week (maybe longer) as the flooding caused no water to drink, and no electricity.
My renters had a problem with some water in their unit that took a few days to I have to find someone to re-tile the floor now that it is totally dry!  I also had a cousin pass away and no one knew it until a posting by the coroner's office in South Carolina for someone to claim his remains. I also had a visitor come from Missouri for a few days!
OK, I'm tired more complaining....I'm just happy to wake up each and every morning to be able to help others and to do my thing. I've also been in an anti-social mood of late as I have had my nose stuck in a book or two...LMBO! Anyhoo....all is well in my world and all the fur babies are too! We just be chillin' and doin' our thing! Hope all have a wonderful Labor Day and you stay dry, but make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! I will try chatting more next time instead of gripping so much!  Here are the pages I've made since my last post and I have sooooooooo many photos I need to scrap so they will make it into my end of year blog book printing!
 Annabeth and Eliza watching TV snuggled in a chair together with their giant Unicorn. I thought the freebie frame from Lugar Encantado was perfect for the photo.
 I don't remember when Cousins Day was, but I made a page for mine anyhow that I have photos of!
 This is Lance and Maggie's 3 gorgeous kids. Hayden, Calvin & Wayne, all growing up way too quickly, I sure miss seeing them!
 I made this for Amy's birthday on the 12th, her favorite color is purple!
 My friend, Mike had a birthday on the 5th, he went fishing so I used this freebie from Neli!
 My sweet Oreo turned 12 on the 12th and Of course she had to have a page, this is from ADB Designs.
 My cousin Pat also celebrated a big birthday so I made a memory for her!
My sweet friend Jannette had a birthday too, just could not forget her!
 My brother would have turned 59 on the 12th, I did this page of him and Penny from 1970!
 My sister Kathy loves Purple so here are her 3 grand babies...Jade, Ruby & Jayson
 Amy's girls had a tea party and she sent photos, so made them a quick memory page!
My friend Teri celebrated a birthday at the end of August, so surprised her with a memory page of her and her beloved Bentley that she really enjoyed!
Alright, that's it, I must get up from this bum has gone to sleep and another book is calling to me! Have a great one y'all! Later, Mat


  1. Goodness, you've been gone a while. Ah, but you've been oh so busy tending to everyone and everything. Retirement doesn't always mean lots of spare time, as you've found out. We seem to come upon even more things that need our attention. The good part is that we have the time to do these things.

    I'm so glad to hear that the storm did not get to you. Watching the news and the videos is so heartbreaking.

    So far, our rain has been coming in little spits and splashes. One of these days, we'll be due for a downpour.

    Your scrap pages are lovely. Your blog books must be awesome to look through.

    Now I have a bit of holiday crocheting to get back too. You and your fur babies stay safe. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Bom dia, minha querida amiga Mat!
    Estou impressionada com tantas atividades que você teve durante o mês de agosto, você esteve em uma verdadeira roda-viva!
    Estou com minha neta doente aqui em casa, é uma forte amigdalite. Minha bisneta dormiu comigo na minha cama.
    Querida amiga, fico feliz que sua família está bem após a passagem do furacão Harvey.
    Nós não temos furacões aqui no Brasil.
    Minha amiga, um domingo abençoado para você e sua família!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. translated by Google...
    Good morning, my dear friend Mat!
    I'm amazed at how many activities you've had during the month of August, you've been in a real rush!
    I have my sick granddaughter here at home, it's a strong tonsillitis. My great-granddaughter slept with me in my bed.
    Dear friend, I'm glad your family is well past Hurricane Harvey.
    We do not have hurricanes here in Brazil.
    My friend, a blessed Sunday for you and your family!

  4. Yoo Hoo! Did you notice that you've gone missing for more than two months? We're missing you, and hope that you are okay. Hugs, Edna B.