Tuesday, September 17, 2013

See how the kittens have grown...

Miss Edna wanted to see how my kitties have grown, so took some photos on Sunday, finally cropped them down some....here they are!
The 3 older ones in the back yard...they were born April 1, 2013. 2 boys,  Buddy, Shadow and Patches (the little girl).
Buddy Boy just loves for me to scratch his belly and hold and love on him, he follows me everywhere, Shadow is still very skittish and runs away, but Patches will finally allow me to pet her, but not pick her up.
Patches, she is a lot smaller than her brothers, but has such a cute face, right?
Buddy wanting in to play with MzKitty who was NOT happy that I was outside playing with the 3...LOL!

Buddy in front looking at Patches in the rear of the new scratch house I got them to play in! Shadow will only play if I am not outside or if I have the laser playing in the early morning or early evening when it is dark. Now to the kitten and her baby in the front yard....LOL!
Prissy and Baby, Prissy is a year old and very small herself, the baby I think is a boy he was born in June of this year.
Baby is still very tiny and he stays at my front door all day now...he gets to come inside once in awhile, Oreo and MzKitty will put up with him, but NOT Pumpkin, she hisses at him.
Baby on the back of the couch...he loves to be held and snuggle under my chin.  I think I may have to take him to the vet and keep him as my little inside kitty...he is just so adorable and lovable.

Well, off here, my TV shows are starting so will chat more with you later! Hope you enjoy these Miss Edna!
Y'all have a great week! Hugs, Mat


  1. Just LOVE your pictures of all your kittens. They really have grown, and they are cute. Isn;t it amazing how they all have a different character? Each one has his or her own treatment LOL.
    If you take Baby in (I think you should think of another name, he cannot go on in his life called Baby! And if Baby is tkien in permanently, I think that after some time Pumpkin will out up with him. Perhaps they will not become the greatest friends, but will tolerate eachother a bit more.
    Have a wonderful dayHugs

  2. Oops, I made a few typing errors, forgive me. Hope you still can figure out what I wanted to say.

  3. I just love your kitties!!! They are getting so big. I'd love to just hug them all. Baby is adorable and I think he will make a wonderful addition to your indoor kitties. I think that little "cat" house is so cute. Is this where they can all go in to get out of the weather and heat, or is this just a play house? Do they have another house that they live in? My brother would have had a grand time building them a marvelous house. Thank you for sharing the photos. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    É mais difícil perceber o crescimento daqueles que estão próximos da gente, mas quem está mais distante percebe logo.Assim é quando envelhecemos perto de alguém, nos acostumamos com o envelhecimento e nem percebemos.
    Querida amiga, obrigada por suas gentis visitas, eu amo o que você escreve!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  5. Good day, dear friend Mat!
    It's harder to see the growth of those who are close to us, but who is farthest logo.Assim realize is when someone close to age, get used to aging and not even notice.
    Dear friend, thank you for your kind visits, I love what you write!
    Big hug, Neli