Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Do you remember this day 12 years ago?  I will never forget where I was, how stunned and what I did that day! I am sure that is true for all of you.  It was a horrific, unbelievable day! My heart still hurts for those lost and yes, for those of us that are still here trying to understand how there can be such hatred and cruelty in this world! God's blessings are wished for all of us! We will NEVER forget!
Nina and I took a little road trip to Bryan, TX this past weekend to visit a very dear friend of mine. I haven't seen Kathleen since 1987 and it was so great catching up with her. She has a "working" Great Dane named Maximus (Max) that weighs in around 180+ that fell in love with us.  LOL! He wanted to sit in my lap a lot. We visited the George Bush Library while there, very nice legacy there! The Aggies were playing too, so there were many, many folks visiting. Here is a photo of Max trying to sit in my lap at the museum much to the delight of other visitors....LMBO!
Here's Nina in front of the library as we were going in!
We really had a great visit, a nice little break from home and household chores, and even got to eat some catfish and see a few rain showers. Now we are back to the daily routine!  My "girls" are sticking to me like glue, you would think I was gone for a month instead of 2 nights...LOL! It's so nice to be loved and missed!

Finally, our temperatures are dropping below the triple digits. We are in the mid to upper 90's still, but by the weekend we should be around the lower 90's....LOL! I captured this sunrise yesterday morning, isn't it lovely? I thought it was a gorgeous sight that reminded me of Gone With The Wind!
I chatted with new mommy Amy last evening for about 2 hours.  She is so happy and in love with Annabeth as is her hubby Michael.  They say she is a really good baby, wants to eat about every 4 hours, sleep and leave her alone until time to feed again. Amy says Michael just holds her to look at her while she sleeps, can you say "wrapped" already?  LOL! I got to coo to her over the phone and of course, Amy wants me to come home to see her, but can't right now, guess I will have to wait until around Thanksgiving, then I can see both Annabeth and Calvin at the same time. They have moved Maggie's delivery date to November 9th now, this is the third time they have given a date for delivery.  Amy's other sister-in-law, Kayla, is due on the 11th of November.
Okay, enough some floors to vacuum and I need to dust so better get off this duff of mine and get something done, the clothes dryer just stopped too, so need to fold and hang up clothes. Y'all have a terrific day making lots of memories to share....Chat more with you next time.  Hugs, Mat


  1. That dog is AMAZING! Oh I LOVE him!!! I always liked the big dogs, and seen some terrific ones, but Max is stunning. Would love to have him LOL!
    Great you had such a nice time, it was a good change of the daily routine, and we sometimes need that kind of thing.
    Of course your furry girls are happy that you are back!They missed your company and good care.
    Hope you will be able to take a trip to Amy to see the new born and may be the new ones will be there too, so it will be a busy time for you, visiting all those babies, grin.
    Some painting to do also today, but slowly we can see the end to it. Will take still some time, as we don;t get to it every day, but hey, after it my house will have had a through clean too and may be(just may be) I can get rid of some stuff. We always have too much and keep on to too much, terrible but true!
    You have a great day.

  2. Que imagens lindas, amiga Mat!
    Gosto muito de vir aqui pois você transmite alegria de viver, minha amiga!
    Estou um pouco atarefada com algumas coisas para organizar e outras para resolver, mas em breve estarei com mais tempo.
    Forte abraço, Neli.

  3. Fabulous dog!! Amazing how no matter how big a dog gets, he still wants to sit on our lap and get close to us. I'm glad to hear that your temps are finally starting to drop. What a great holiday you have to look forward to. Babies are so precious.

    I have to agree how wonderful homecoming is, even after a few hours, when you have fur babies waiting for you at home. It is the highlight of my day even when I am only gone for a little while.

    What a gorgeous sunrise you captured. The colors are stunning. One of these days, take photos of the kitties. They must be getting so big now. Well, now I'm off to get caught up a bit with my emails. You have a fantabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. What beautiful pictures, girlfriend Mat!
    I love to come here because you transmit joy of living, my friend!
    I'm a little busy with some other things to organize and to resolve, but will soon be over time.
    Sincerely, Neli.