Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nice Surprise!

Wow, look at how pretty my background looks!! That Blog Fairy ( aka Miss Boots) sneaked in and redecorated for Autumn. I just love it....thank you Miss Boots! So happy you feel up to doing this for me and my "girls". Sure wish the fall weather would cooperate and come down to stay in this area. We are about 10-20 degrees higher than normal this time of year....yep, still in the middle 90's in the afternoons. But....when that little front came in and dropped some much needed rain on also moved out some of the humidity so the mid 90's is not as sticky as it has been.  The mornings are really nice in the upper 60's so for the mornings, I open doors and windows for a couple of hours...and turn off the AC unit. The "Girls" love it, they each take a separate window sill to stretch out in and sniff the fresh air....LOL....and leave lots of "nose art" when I shut I have a daily chore of washing the inside lower windows....Love it!

I have taken a couple days sabbatical from this computer....LOL! I needed to give my shoulders and neck a little rest.  I think it has been since Friday that I did not even turn my PC on...I did check a couple of things on e-mail and Facebook on my iPad, but not the laptop nor the PC.  I did get a lot accomplished with work and just about have everything ready to transfer to the storage unit and my shoulders and neck feel rested again, so I'm baaaaaack to disturb all of you....ROFLMBO!!!  I think the "girls" have missed lying on this computer desk irritating me.....Oreo is on here now as I type and just "talking" away as I am not scratching ears....LOL!

I got a couple of new shots of Annabeth from Amy, so here's a look at her at 3 weeks old...she sure has a lot of hair doesn't she? I used a free frame by Neli. It just seemed perfect for this photo.
Well, gotta get up from here for now....washing the "girls" lounging blankets and having to do them in shifts as it is nap time for them...LOL! One in the dryer and one in the wash and I had to dig out an older one for the Diva and Pumpkin to share. Maybe I can get Oreo off my desk if I move...y'all have a great day making lots of memories to more next time. Hugs, Mat


  1. Sua pequenina sobrinha ficou linda, toda em cor de rosa!
    Gostei muito da nova decoração do seu blog, está linda!
    Aqui no Brasil não temos tradição de comemorar o outono, nem mesmo no sul onde as folhas caem. Aqui onde moro, no norte, só há 2 estações: calor com chuva e calor sem chuva, é o que os nativos chamam de verão e de inverno. No Sul(Rio Grande do Sul) nós temos todas as 4 estações, no norte não temos.
    Um grande abraço para você, minha cara amiga!

  2. Hi there!
    Your bloglayout looks terrific, it gives a real autumn feeling.
    So nice to hear you are almost done with the office stuff. You will have lots more time for yourself soon, and believe me, it sounds great and it will be, but you will never have enough time to do all you want LOL!!!
    Out cat, Brodski, is most of the time outside these days, or spends time in the kitchen, but isn't coming in the room, as he used to do a lot.
    Funny, but when the weather will become colder and nastier I think that might change again.
    Thanks for yout visit and message, always love to read comments.
    Going to post now, probably short post, and then off to do some stuff around here.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Good morning. Your Annabeth is just gorgeous!! Wish a happy birthday to Jayson. Where does the time go? Pogo leaves me lots of nose art on the backseat car window by his carseat. I call it a badge of pride. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. His little niece was beautiful, all in pink!
    I really liked the new decor of your blog is beautiful!
    Here in Brazil we have no tradition of celebrating the autumn, even in the south where the leaves fall. Here where I live in the north, there are only two seasons: rain and heat with heat without rain, is what the natives call it summer and winter. In the South (Rio Grande do Sul) we have all 4 seasons in the north have not.
    A big hug to you, my dear friend! Hugs, Neli.