Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Great Weekend!

My friend Debbie was in town from Panama City, Florida visiting family for the weekend. We had a little get together with some great food and lots of good "catching up" conversation on Saturday!  I made a dessert that I got the idea to fix from Facebook with all those recipes floating around (I'm guilty of sharing a lot of them myself)! I got a graham cracker crust, used White Chocolate Pudding mixed with milk and Cool Whip, then put Blueberry Pie Filling on top. Kept in refrigerator overnight, then served with Cool Whip on top. So very light and oh so tasty. It was a big hit!
When I got home I did a little scrapping of some photos of Kathy's grandkids again. Christina has shared lots of photos on Facebook and Kathy has sent me several as well so I've made a few more pages for their albums.
Here's Ruby and Jade with their sunshades on....Kathy liked both photos so I used a QP from Designs By Brigit called Sail Into The Sun. Not sure who the wordart is by, but I thank you both for the lovely work you do!
Ruby and Jayson were having a blast in the water in this photo, so I used another QP by DBB to show it!
Ruby had a pre-K interview where they determined she needed glasses, so here's the frame she chose, purple of course, her favorite color. Doesn't she look too grown up? I used a paper by Kyra from an older kit and the frame cluster is by Arlene using RDH kit All Because of You with the alpha from Granny Enchanted.
I got so very sleepy while doing these (probably from a full tummy) that I decided to take a nap. 2 hours later, Penny called and we chatted for a few minutes, so I never got back to do more pages....will do that maybe later today.....LOL!

Then I watched NASCAR from Bristol, TN and taped the Cowboys Preseason Game to watch afterwards. NASCAR was very interesting as usual from Bristol. Lots and lots of caution flags and way too many torn up cars, but no serious injuries and was okay with Kenseth winning, but sure wish Kahne had made that final boost to win (just so #18 or #2 didn't win, I don't care who wins really) LOL! Sorry that Martin Truex, Jr and Carl Edwards had such bad luck after doing so well all through the race. It was late, late when I finally went to bed after watching the Cowboys finally win a pre-season game over Cincinnati 24-18. Such an exciting life I lead right? LMBO!!!
Got up early to feed my cats and birds, then picked up my iPad to read my book, guess what? Yep, I fell back to sleep with Oreo and didn't wake up until 8:30 a.m. How lazy can you get?  Anyhow, had my shower and house is straightened up and here I am, catching up on my blogs....It is to be 100 again today (#22 for this summer) so I will be creating some after I do my visiting....y'all have a great Sunday, making lots of memories to share! Chat with you more next time. Hugs, Mat :)


  1. Sometimes one can get very lazy without knowing from what LOL! The body just tells you you need to calm down, best you listen to it.
    Still you did lots of things, with the scrapping, the Nascar, the Cowboys, house cleaning and such!
    I had a very disturbing weekend, you can read it all in my blogpost.
    Have a great week ahead

  2. It's good to be lazy now and then, although I must say that for someone who was lazy you sure did accomplish a lot of things. Your layouts are wonderful. When these kids grow up they'll have such wonderful memories to look back on. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.