Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Cats

I received a very nice RAK surprise by e-mail yesterday.....a page created of my outside kitty, Bubba, from  generous big hearted Kyra from With a Russian Dutch Heart. Take a look, isn't it simply gorgeous?
Thanks so much Kyra, it's nice to have friends that surprise you.  If y'all haven't visited her site for some totally awesome free kits, you are sure missing some gorgeous work and it is all given freely 3 times weekly!

I tried the recipe from Facebook for the cinnamon roll biscuits this delicious with a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee.....yum! So as I am typing....I am also having breakfast! LOL

I got an idea for some QPs (from Kyra) to share on Miriam's Scraps for all the Cat Lovers out there! The first one I used a photo of Oreo in the bathroom sink and the second one I just posted this morning is of my Pumpkin watching me at the computer. If you like cats and want the free QPs, check out Miriam's Scraps.
Here are the 2 photos I used.....

MzKitty will be next. Aren't they just the cutest....I know I am prejudiced right?  Oreo turned 7 last Monday and Pumpkin is 6. They are the best of buddies and usually can be found snuggling together when they nap!
They both love the bathroom sink, and since they are so FAT, they fill it completely! LOL!

Well, the front has come and is leaving us now, dropped some showers on our very thirsty lawns, so today, you guessed it....mowing, weeding, edging and sweeping up....but it looks so good to have a GREEN manicured lawn in the middle of August. After 10 straight days of 100+ temperatures and no rain, it was looking pretty brown and crunchy to walk on.  Now it is carpet soft again. LOL! Our temperature is supposed to be around 92 today. Still warm, but so much more tolerable!

Have a beautiful weekend making memories to share....I will be working on some pages for Jade's first day of school after the yard work is done! I will take a break during the Cowboys exhibition game at 3:30. Chat with y'all more next time. Hugs, Mat


  1. Your layout from Kyra is beautiful. What a gorgeous kitty. Your QP's are wonderful. What a great idea. I'm so glad you finally got some badly need rain. Enjoy your yard now and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Happy yu like the layout. Bubba was sooo cute, it just asked for it LOL.
    Some rain was very welcome, I can understand. And nice that the temps have gone down a little bit.
    We had some rain too, yesterday late evening, and I was happy with that too. With all the stuff we are doing at the moment, the gardening lacks a bit of our attention and some water was needed.
    Think today we we will also take it easy, perhaps I will clean some of the stuff that came from the wall, may be Jan will hang a few things on it again, but that will be all!
    Must collect a bit of energy again, for probably tomorrow. Then last part of the living room walls must be done. May be in 2 days, cause it is a really big one!
    You take the break you need too, tomorrow is another day, with new chances ROFL!