Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kitty Cats Galore!

Okay, I've promised some photos of the batch of kittens....finally cut down some of the NUMEROUS photos I have taken.....LOL! They are so very cute to watch so I take lots of photos.
This is Mommy who is only 2, isn't she cute?
This is Bubba from her first litter, he still comes around to eat occasionally and to be loved on. (About once a week)!
This is Prissy, Bubba's sister with her 2 babies that were born in June.  I did not know about them until I came back after being gone around the 4th of July. She was barely a year old herself.  She only had one survive!
This is daddy and the surviving baby of Prissy's, I don't think he could deny this one. LOL!
Here's Daddy, Mommy (Prissy) and surviving baby, they eat each morning and evening at my front door. They have a little condo unit under my carport and a litter box too!  :)
Cute little think ain't it? Not sure if male or female as it will not allow me anywhere near it yet! click on the photos to see them larger!  Real Awwwww factor if you love cats as I do! LOL!
Two of the 3 that survived of the 5 born to Mommy in her second litter.  The one on the left is the only one that will allow me to scratch her. They are fed morning and evening in my back yard.
The other one, it is here all day long, but will not allow me to touch it. They sure do love to chase after the red laser beam after each feeding. It is sitting under the little patio I had put up to give them shelter from the rain. They were born April 1st.  Okay, those are the outside kitty cats that I feed. They even have litter boxes and condos to sleep in and a large playground in my back yard. They aren't spoiled quite as much as my inside girls, but close! LMAO!
Oh well, these are a source of my enjoyment, now will try to trap them and get them all fixed. That is a chore in itself, to stop this over population some how. I don't have any rodent problems that's for sure.
Off now, to finish up some chores. Enjoy your day and the up coming weekend. Hopefully, we will get a break from the triple digit temperatures. Supposed to drop to 99 on Saturday and 98 on Sunday before returning to 100 on Monday. We are on the 9th straight day of 100+ today and to be 104 and 102 tomorrow. Yesterday was 106. So will be happy with the cooler temps if only for 2 days. We desperately need some rain, but only a 20% chance over the weekend.....that means 80% chance we will see NONE!
But......It's August and I am in Texas!  Means staying in soaking up the AC. Chat with y'all more later!
Hugs, Mat


  1. Your Outside cats are just gorgeous! They are lucky to have found such a caring lady and space where they can stay safe. It takes a lot of patience to gain there confidence enough to come close enough to touch them. But... may be in time they will let you. For the time being they are happy enough and have shelter and food.
    Your weather is hard to live with, it is just too warm!
    Here all is a bit back to normal temps, although we could do with just 2 or 3 degrees more. LOL. We never seem to be content.
    All adventures we experience at the moment have to do with paint ROFL. Well, it will take another couple of weeks I am sure, but now we have to hold on and finish it.
    Trying to make some photos of the progress and when all is done I'll see which ones I will post.
    Well, going to post on my blog now,
    You stays dafe and have a great weekend, hopefully for you in some cooler environment!

  2. Oh my, your cats are just gorgeous! Kyra's right, they are so lucky to have you, and such a nice safe place to live. My daughter has cats and one outdoor kitty who has showed up one day and adopted the family as hers. She too has a nice kitty condo and food and water.
    I surely hope your temperatures get more comfortable now that we're coming into the middle of August. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Que lindos gatinhos, tão mimosos! Dá vontade de pegar no colo!
    Mat, querida, está tudo bem aqui agora,todos com saúde! Obrigada por suas preces, amiga.
    Estou me preparando para viajar daqui a 10 dias, vou fazer consultas médicas e exames.
    Mat, obrigada pelas visitas, amo seus comentários.
    Hoje postei um frame para meninos e pensei em Jason.Espero que você goste.
    Espero que seu final de semana seja esplêndido!
    Forte abraço, Neli.

  4. Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    Such beautiful kittens, so dainty! Makes you want to cuddle!
    Mat, honey, everything here right now, all with health! Thank you for your prayers, friend.
    I am preparing to travel in 10 days, I will make medical appointments and tests.
    Mat, thank you for visiting, love your comments.
    Today I posted a frame for boys and thought of Jason. I hope you enjoy.
    I hope your weekend is splendid!
    Sincerely, Neli.