Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun!

It has been too hot for me to be out in the weather much, sooooo I stay in my AC and scrap. Kathy's grandchildren have been having fun this summer, so I thought I would do a few pages for their scrapbooks. Here are a couple that I have put together.
This is a brag book freebie from Just So Scrappy called Just Beachy. These were made while they were playing in the pool. Ruby, Jade and Jayson. Sure looks like they are having fun, huh?
They did a day at the Pleasant Valley Nature Preserve so I snitched a few of the photos to create this page for them.  The QP is from Connie Prince and is called Country Roads. Ruby was not impressed with walking in the woods....LOL!
And here, I put them on Neli's Green Bus for a little tour. Isn't this just the cutest? Jade is looking forward to school starting again, but Ruby is upset because she is not going, and Jayson is still too young to have both his sisters gone anyway....LOL!
Nina asked me to do a couple of pages of her granddaughter Alyssa, so here's one of her in her sock hop costume that I put in a Raspberry Road Designs QP, isn't she sweet looking?
And another of her in a cute frame by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart (png is why bg is black). I only did about 30 pages, just picked a couple. Just to show you I have been busy and yes, I do use the freebies that I seem to hoard from my favorite designers....LMAO! I thank all of you so very, very much for your generous hearts and beautiful work!
We are under heat advisory until sometime Monday or Tuesday with really stagnant, heavy, oppressive air, so I will probably be a couch potato this weekend or I will be scrapping more memories. Hope all of you enjoy your weekend making memories to share as well. Chat more with you later! I have several photos to cut down of all the kittens so I can show you how they are growing.....LOL! Hugs, Mat :)


  1. Some great pages you made. Wow, about 30!!!
    It must be really hot there, that you stay inside! well, it has some good to bring, you make a lot of layouts LOL!
    Stay cool, don;t move too much around, love the expression: being a couch potatoe ROFL!
    Today is much cooler here, but still very noce, I see that there is a bit too much wind at the moment. Pity, but nothing to do about it.
    Perhaps today we can do a bit around the house, probably I will do some cleaning,take away some paint splatters here and there, one or two windows need cleaning from that too.
    We'll see, first going to read a couple of blogs and play a bit on the computer.
    Have a great "potatoe playing"weekend hahahaha.

  2. My goodness, you sure have been busy!! Wow, thirty pages! You really do such a wonderful job on your pages. Everyone will be so thrilled to have these for their scrapbooks. I can't wait to see your photos of the kittens. They must be so big by now. Now it's time for me to play a while with Pogo. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.