Thursday, April 15, 2010

Japanese Tea Gardens

Here's a couple of pages from our visit to the Japanese Tea Gardens last Saturday. I have been so busy making my ABC BB pages (using Linda's WA) of Ruby, I have done much of nothing else...LOL! Finished hers, now starting on Jade's. When I return from Amy's wedding next month...I hope to bring home enough photos of Hayden to do hers. I've made both sisters a surprise PHOTOBOOK from SBF for Mother's Day and even been doing some genealogy research...need I say....been in front of this computer way toooooooo much and my back and shoulder is screaming at me...LOL! Anyhow, hope you enjoy these photos. The one of me, Jason took on the bridge that you see in the background photo (I used photos for the background then a photo for the insets)and the one of Jason and Teri, I took of them looking at the waterfall. They were so unaware of me taking was so quiet and serene and peaceful sitting there listening to the falls. Will chat with ya more next time...Luv y'all, Mat

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