Friday, August 15, 2014


Man the joy of trying to sell a duplex that you co-own with another couple that do not live in the same state you do!  That alone will stress you out, right, but when it finally gets listed on MLS (took 4 months to get this done), the couple decide to go to SWITZERLAND for a month and be TOTALLY incommunicado with anyone here! The offers are coming in (vastly different too) but cannot make any decisions until they return to the states (and the decisions have to be all or none).  I am going to get a haircut today, so as not to pull it out by the roots!!  ROFLMAO~~~~~it really isn't quite that bad, but as usual....I am having to take care of all the details....AGAIN!! (This was a very hard lesson learned to NEVER EVER purchase anything with friends)

OK, enough about that for now, but it does explain why I haven't blogged much lately, nor have I been able to scrap or create much. I am now taking a little time to do just that. I snitched some photos off Facebook of the great nieces and nephews and did these few pages but they took me all week to do them as we have been having electricity "brown outs" that has created some problems with my computer shutting down in the midst of creating them and having to start over.  Good thing I am a patient person....LMBO!
OK, enough belly are the ones I've completed so far....
My lovely niece Sebrina had to return to teaching duties this week and got a new shorter hairdo and posted it so I decided to make a page using Kyra's background, a cluster by Irene at Raspberry Road and the wordart is by Ginger.
Cutie patooties Ruby and Jade started back to school this week, Ruby is in Kindergarten and snaggle-tooth  Jade starts 2nd grade.  Chris made photos while waiting for the school bus and I put them in a cute frame from Just So Scrappy called School Rules on a background freebie by Oklahoma Dawn. 
And poor "Bud" had to stay home but he wanted to go with his sisters so badly, poor baby had real tears that almost did mama in.  So I put him in this cute frame from Neli. He will soon realize that he now has his Mommy all to himself, as well as the birds, the cat and all the least for a few hours each day!
This photo is from May of Calvin's first time on the beach. Daddy is holding him up so he can put his toes in the sand. The kit I used is Kyra's with a cluster by Arlene and sorry I don't have the TOU for the wordart, I have had it for a long time.
Little miss model, Hayden's cute pose in another QP by Linda at Random Thoughts, I just adored the layout and it goes so well with her dress.  She also started kindergarten last week, but I don't have any photos yet!

Mr. Calvin in his float in the pool at the beach, doesn't he look terrific in this QP by Linda? She created this using Kyra's At The Beach kit and is free on her site.
Here's a freebie cluster overlay I created and am offering for free on Miriam's Scraps if you would like, hop on over and download it.
And finally, this is my attempt to follow along with Diane at ADB designs as she offers tips each week on creating an Interactive Journal. She offers questions in order to get you journaling about your family's history thus making it a little easier to start your tree. I think I used a kit from Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart to create this first page....I am a few behind, but I am hoping to catch up soon.
Guess I better get the trash out and ready for pick up, get my shower and dressed and off to the Salon for my haircut. Got all my babies fed, the bed is made, ran the vacuum and cleaned litter boxes before I sat down in this chair! I will chat with y'all a little more later. Will try catching up with my blog reading when I return home. Make lots of memories to share today! Hugs, Mat


  1. Bom dia, querida amiga Mati!
    Seu blog , como sempre lindo e enfeitado com sua família!
    Gosto de estar aqui.
    Você é uma pessoa muito ocupada, com muitas coisas para fazer.
    É muito bom ter coisas para fazer, é bom para distrair e passar o tempo.
    Querida amiga, tenha um lindo e feliz final de semana!
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  2. It's been a long time since I've posted a comment! All that computer trouble, it really got me stressed, and i truly need to calm down again. Let's hope the laptop i have now, will do it's work and hold out for a long time.
    What a misery to sell your house, due to the fact you bought it with friends. And now you cannot contact them about the offers on the house! Fruends are great to have but always be careful to do real business with them. Can give problems, as you experience now.
    Here i am very slowly installing all I need on my laptop, hope that will go as smoothly as possible.
    Think I will have to catch up some blog reading too and I have no idea when i will be starting designing again, Some day, for sure but I give no fixed date LOL.
    Really hope that you soon will be able to contact your friends about the house sale and that it will go without any problems and for a good price!

  3. translated by Google.....

    Good day, dear friend Mati!
    Your blog as always beautiful and adorned with your family!
    I like it here.
    You are a very busy person with lots to do.
    It is very good to have things to do, it's good to pass the time and distract.
    Dear friend, have a beautiful and happy weekend!
    A big hug, Neli.

  4. It's so good to have you back blogging. Sorry to hear about the problems trying to sell your house. Hopefully it will all be settled soon and you can relax.

    Your scrap pages are beautiful. It doesn't seem possible that it's already for school to start up again. Gosh, the time just keeps zooming by.

    I wish I could package up and send you some of our nice weather with some showers sprinkled in. It's hot and wet in Georgia. Is this where you are moving to? I've driven through the state and it is really beautiful.

    Now I'm off to see what sort of mischief Pogo and I can get into this afternoon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Beautiful creations! You're a very talented lady!