Friday, March 28, 2014

Another week has sped by!

Can't believe it is Friday again and almost the end of March too! Boy is time flying by or what? I've stayed busy, but not hectic like last week. The house is clean, the laundry is done and put away, shopping was done earlier in the week, all my furbabies inside have been bathed, cleaned litter boxes, trash out for pickup, all animals and birds outside with full bowls and all inside are asleep, so now is my free time for my computer and what got it trouble with the server for my worldlogon account, but one phone call and about an hour and is working again. :) happy face!
I did manage to complete some scrap pages for Amy and have ordered her surprise. I really do enjoy doing the digital scrapping for her...and I get to see all the photos of the babies as they are growing and changing! Here are a few that I did this week. A few of you may have seen some of them on my Facebook account, but I want them on my blog so that when I print it out at the end of the year, I have them printed out as well.
Annabeth meets Nana (a family friend) for first was a sad occasion as Nana's hubby had just passed away, but Annabeth took to her right away Amy says! The page is a QP by Nathy using Hidden Treasures kit by manu
This is Audrey Grace the child of one of Amy's best friends, isn't she just too cute especially in the QP by Marijja at Fecnikek
This is Lance at Nana's house with both Annabeth and Calvin and then him asleep. Amy just had to have a page with her big brother in it...LOL! This QP is by
This is Maggie with Calvin in another pretty QP by Marijja at Fecnikek.

Annabeth not liking her mama's camera while Mimi is feeding her...the QP is one from Neli at Lugar Encantando Da Neli
Well, enough for today there are a number of others, hope y'all all have a terrific weekend ahead and are very busy making lots of memories to share! Chat more later! Hugs, Mat


  1. Querida amiga Mat, boa noite!
    Já coloquei link novo no frame que você avisou, muito obrigada.
    Minha neta Rebecca e minha bisneta Maria Helena sairam daqui agora, estou bem cansada, vou tomar um banho e vou dormir... Depois eu converso mais um pouco com você, ok?
    Espero que seu fim de semana seja maravilhoso!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  2. You have done a lot this week, but you are right, it wasn;t as hectic as the last one LOL.
    First thanks for your stops and comments on my blog, always so nice to read them.
    As always you have made a lot of layouts again, I wish I could find enough time to make more, but you said it right, time is speeding by, unbelievable!
    I still want to try to make new layouts of the photos of our wedding day and that is quite a project! One day I will start on it, I am sure, and I also want to have them print out in a little book. Intention is there, now somewhere find the courage to upload the photo cd again and start with it LOL.
    I have made layouts already, long time ago, but I have learned more and have PSE now, and have more possibilities and I think my kits have improved too a bit. That in mind i think I can make the layouts look more as they should, perhaps.
    Okay, weather looks to be alright today, it's sunny, and temps should be a little bit higher, may be I can sit for a moment in the garden to catch some really needed sunrays.
    I think you deserved some lazy time too this weekend!
    So enjoy that and we'll meet again somewhere next week okay?

  3. Neli's translated by Google

    Mat dear friend, good night!
    Have put new link in the frame that you warned, thank you.
    My granddaughter Rebecca and my granddaughter Maria Helena left here now, I'm pretty tired, I take a bath and go to sleep ... After I talk a bit more with you, ok?
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!
    Big hug, Neli.

  4. Oh Mat- Love you blog page- so pretty! Had to let you know that I am going to redo the cat wordart. I'm so sorry! I knew that about the cats to- but I didn't even give it a thought. My Senior Moment! LOL We have dogs all around us, not cat, but I did grow up on a farm and we had cats. I'm going to go work on it now, so watch for the new version. Hugs