Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring is here....not yet!!

We've had lovely spring weather for spring break week...until night before last...that is!! This morning we are at 37 F and Tuesday we were at 86F....but that old north wind decided to blow at 45+ mph on Tuesday night causing all kinds of noises and disrupting sleep.  Yesterday was beautiful in the upper 50's, but with the wind it was quite chilly....but, you guessed it we are headed back up to the upper 60's and lower 70's for the rest of spring break!  Six Flags, both the Dallas and the Ft. Worth Zoo, and all the museums are benefiting from the nice temperatures. The blooming trees are full of buds and green in flower beds is beginning to show.
I have had to curtail feeding the feral cats around here as a "new" neighbor doesn't like cats and called animal control and registered a complaint (instead of being a decent human and coming to me first). They were not very nice when they knocked on my door with a warning citation either. Now that I have 4 cats inside, they will be spot inspecting my home on the inside! I am NOT a happy person about all this, but I do have to follow the laws and be legal. That is okay as her payback will come one day.
My sister, Kathy is at home now and has a home nurse coming by to check the progress of her pneumonia, the good thing that came from this episode is her hubby is quitting smoking now...I know that will help with her breathing problems especially after the house is stripped of all the smoke. Second hand smoke is as bad as the actual smoking. I breathe so much better and have less doctor's visits since I am no longer living with a smoke and try to stay away from being enclosed where any smoking is done.
My friend Jan is still in hospital with her infection, she is hoping to be able to come home today. Poor thing just cannot catch a break with this mess, but when you have 30 radiation treatments, you have no more immune system to fight off anything. Prayers are working in her favor though. I am having to limit my visits to the hospital with her because of the infection, both for her sake and mine...:(
Been furiously scrapping last couple of days....LOL! know how it is when you get "in the mood" right? Well, I have definitely been in the mood to scrap, are a few that I have done for Amy and Maggie of their new little ones....(I so want to go visit with them and meet these sweet babies).
This is a QP from Booland Designs, the quote is one from Dave's World that was on Facebook and the photo is one taken by Lindsey Singletary that was shared with me of Amy and Annabeth.
This is another QP by Booland Designs. Sweet little Annabeth smiling so pretty!
Amy and Annabeth in a lovely QP by Linda at Random Thoughts
She has such an expressive face, this lovely QP is by Connie Prince called Brighter Days by Deanna.
Here's another of Linda's lovely QPs with Annabeth and her daddy with a quote I copied from Facebook.
Annabeth with her Aunt Hannah in a lovely frame from Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli
Here's Aunt Hannah with bot nieces, Blair & Annabeth, and nephew Marcus in another lovely QP by Linda.
Mimi with Calvin and Annabeth in a QP is by Nathy from Mzimm CT group
Mimi's babies again. Hayden just loves these babies and they adore her too. This is another QP by Connie Prince called March QP by Deanna.
Granny Enchanted is the creator of this cute QP with a photo by Amy of her hubby Michael, her daddy and Calvin and Annabeth
And here is Maggie with her lap full of Calvin, he is such a big and so sweet boy in a cute frame by Neli.
Okay, I think this is enough to bore y'all with for now. There are more, but Tommy wants some loving right now and so do I....ROFL!
Y'all have a terrific day, make lots of wonderful memories to share. Chat more later, the purring is getting louder....LOL! Hugs, Mat


  1. You surely have been busy scrapping LOL! Well, with those kind of photos it is only a pleasure, isn;t it?
    What a grumpy, hopeless neighbor! I totally agree with you, that they should have come to you at first and it is very childish to call right away animal control!
    If there is anyone treating the animals with love and attention it is you and I cannot imagine they have a lot of trouble from the cats.
    We had such a neighbor too, but this one came to us and was very aggressive. Well, if people are very unpolite and calling me names, I can become real angree and say my word too( not always the best solution, I know, but sometimes ..........)
    He threatened to even shoot our cats, if they ever came into his garden again, or do them another hard, Then I just shut the front door and he was sooo angry, that he kicked the door with his foot, very hard, and banged with his fist, and we were just lucky he didn;t break the thick glass we have partly in the door!.
    Well, I believe he doesn;t live there anymore, I am glad, cause they had also a little child that screamed real loud a lot, or was crying because it didn't get what it wanted( so crying because of bad temper, not because it fell down or anything).
    I hope you will not have too much trouble of the animal control, but they should see that you are good to the animals and do all you can, to keep them in your surroundings etc.
    Glad you have some nice weather too now. We all can do with some spring weather and temperatures and sunshine.
    Hmmm, you still have to look after your sister and your friend, I truly hope they will recover well.
    Okay, going to post now, till next time.

  2. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Estou com hóspedes em casa e sem tempo para fazer muita coisa.
    Minha neta Rebecca e minha bisneta Maria Helena estão muito bem, obrigada!
    Obrigada pelas visitas e pelos comentários carinhosos, minha amiga!
    Estou ajudando Rebecca pois ela fez cesariana e está convalescendo.
    Querida amiga, espero que você tenha uma semana tranquila e feliz!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. Translated to English by Google

    Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    I'm having guests in the house and no time to do much.
    My granddaughter Rebecca and my granddaughter Maria Helena are very well, thank you!
    Thanks for the visits and the loving comments, my friend!
    I'm helping Rebecca because she had a caesarean and is convalescing.
    Dear friend, hope you have a peaceful and happy week!
    Hugs, Neli.