Thursday, September 1, 2011

September? Already?

Wow, where has this year flown to? I thought it was supposed to start a cool down in September...NOT here, we are on day 66 of the 100+ temps and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. NO RAIN EITHER! We had over 165k acres burn out west of us in April, now it is on fire just east of there now. Last count I heard was over 3 dozen homes lost and fire only 25% contained. Another wildfire is burning nw of us too! It is a real tinderbox in the areas here with no relief in sight. The poor animals are really suffering in the heat and with no water or food. So, I have been staying in out of the heat...yep, soaking up all the AC and praying that the rolling black outs don't hit here. I keep my thermostat at 80, but have the house closed up, when you go out and come back in, it is like a nice:)! So many cooling places are open for those with no AC and they electric companies are trying to help those with exhorbitant bills. I've scrapped some pages, but mostly cats for my friends Janette/Mike and some of my own kitty girls. Here's a few of my babies hope you enjoy. I wish all of you a safe and memory making Labor Day break. Hope you have a lot of fun with family and friends. Chat more next time y'all! Luv, MatThis shot shows MzKitty's pretty torteshell colors.

Sweet baby Pumpkin

My cuddle buddy Oreo.


I'm gonna make a new alpha series using my Cats photos...LOL!

I have to find the paper where I wrote all the info down for the pages, will post when I find it...LOL. I know I have some Russian Dutch Heart and some Raspberry Road Designs, but can't remember them all...guess it's my age sneaking in....LOL!

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