Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a hectic week!

This week was sooooooooo hectic and busy, where did it go???? Started out with yardwork, then a new mattress (which meant all the bedding had to be washed after being replaced) a new dining table and chairs that I had to put together, then all for my boss....trip to office, bank and office supply....getting blood work regular house cleaning...etc.etc.etc! Seems like I just finished and here it is the weekend and time to start all over again...what happened to the time for me when I semi-retired??? Actually, I have been taking a little more time for me and doing some reading and relaxing and STAYING off the computer some to relax my shoulder and neck, but I also have been sleeping! Marvelous new mattress is allowing me to sleep and sleep comfortably for 8-9 hours (I was getting by with a very restless 3-4 hours before)! Sure am feeling much better too.....then it is to my office to pack it up and get it closed down, records in storage and officially move my work to my home office before the end of the year!! I think I only made two pages for Amy this week and am trying to have her narrow down the 70 pages I have made to 30 for her photobook. I also did a couple of pages of the great nieces...but I did try not scrapping or playing any games this week. With the rest from the computer and the blessed sleeping...I am much more able to sit here now! Will share what I did this week before I start my blog walking...Hope all of you have a terrific weekend (what's left of it anyhow) and make lots of memories to share! Chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat

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