Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another week gone....

Man~~time sure does fly lately! Seems like it to me anyway! I've certainly been busy!! I had a serious problem this past week....I don't know how I did it...but I erased a lot of documents from my computer including the 75 PSD files of Amy's wedding photos!! Thank goodness I could still get the jpgs from her, Penny or my blog or FB accounts! I had done each one in 12x12 and 300 dpi format so I could re-enlarge them to be printed in her photobook. I was nearing panic when I realized what had happened....all that work just gone! But I can still complete the a matter of fact I printed off 20 of them yesterday in 8x8 format for my own scrapbook of the wedding, they turned out gorgeous! Now everything is backed up again daily on my computer....I had been doing it monthly, but not anymore. I am also in the process of an ABC book for each great niece (All Miss Boots' fault because of her WA)! I have finished Ruby's and was halfway through with Jade's...lost all my templates of the ABC's so gonna have to redo them so I can complete her book and start on Hayden's. It is so nice to be able to put in time at the computer doing what I totally am obsessed with...LOL! It is so hot and so very humid and too miserable to be outside anyhow!! I did get all my chores for work done as well as my housework, grocery shopping, laundry and "girls" all groomed this week so I would have time to just be glued here this weekend! REALLY AM ENJOYING THIS SEMI-RETIREMENT A LOT!! Well enough of this boredom for all of you...have a marvelous weekend whatever you choose to do and make it a memorable one! I will chat with y'all more next time...Luv, MatAnd this one, Amy thinks Michael's head is too big....LMAO...he is that much taller than she is!
She really likes this one of Michael.
Amy with her bouquet....I kind of like this one.
extracting this cake took a long time to do...but Amy loves this page so it was worth it!

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