Sunday, June 6, 2010

Somebody has another Birthday today!

Good Sunday morning and Happy Birthday Miss Linda!! Hope your weather cooperates long enough to drop some sunshine on your special day! If not, come on down the temperature here today is to be 101 but the heat index is to be 106! Not a cloud in sight for rain possibilities either and....the Indy cars are at the Motor Speedway too! We could find lots of things to do to entertain you on your day! LOL! I think I want to go share some of Carol's snow about now...LOL! I think it is stormy in Ohio and probably just hot in Tennessee too! But thank goodness I finally got all that new AC stuff working in my Tahoe as of 7 p.m. last evening. (Only been a month long project!) I made this special page for your birthday and send it with lots of hugs, wishes and even a couple of juleps to brighten your day if the sun does not shine for you! Have a terrific one (one of many, many more to come!) and make the most of it, doing what YOU want to today! Thanx so much for your friendship and your generosity in sharing your "work" too! Luv ya, chat more later! Mat

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