Monday, June 21, 2010

Hope You All have a terrific week ahead!

Well, I limited myself to 2 more pages for Amy, simply because Miriam's Scraps had such lovely wedding QP's and I finished the ABC pages for Jade's book. 2 done and Hayden's to go. I see Linda and Dennis just added 7 cuties to their family! Congrats Widge, job well done!! I even got to watch Design Star last evening, hope that WITCH Nina goes soon, she is like a bulldozing Mack Truck running all over everybody! I even watched the NASCAR races yesterday too, Jimmie Johnson won on Father's Day, his first child is due at end of this month or next! Very appropriate for his first time winning this type race, my Mark Martin did good, he finished 14th! It was so miserably hot, hot, hot I did not even open my doors this weekend, just soaked up the AC in here, but TODAY is the first day of summer and we have already hit numerous days above 100! Got to get out early tomorrow morning and water my yard, we are already on water rationing and cannot water between 10-6 so I am only watering once a week, just to keep this St.Augustine alive and well (worked too hard to get it to grow with little to no weeds)! My wish for all of you is for a marvelous week ahead, I know Louise will be running around topless, MissBoots will be either feeding puppies, flippin chicks or canning those red thingys, MissScarlett will be busy with MissFluff, keeping Rhett in line and making lots of Mint Juleps for all of us that visit her veranda and MissJudy will be baby sitting/taking photos and Thelma or Maxine will be busy drinking as many juleps as she can before the rest of us get to the veranda, but she may have to swim to get out of Ohio! I will still be making an ABC book for Hayden! LMAO!! I do hope all you all have a great memory making week. Chat with ya later, Mat

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