Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been busy couple of days here.....

Had a nice visit and lunch with my boss on Friday at the Olive Garden where we ate too much soup, salad and breadsticks....only meal I had that day...was so great! Then went to Garden Ridge to walk off some it...LOL! Saturday...I deep cleaned my kitchen, stove/oven/refrigerator/micro/toaster/coffepot/cabinets and floor, fixed some lunch, then settled down with a book. My friend Nina called, we went to Sam's where I found an electric fireplace just the right size for the bedroom, then we went to Kirkland's as they had a big sale going, found some things for the wall in the dining room and kitchen...then we went to Steak 'N Shake for a buy one/get one free milkshake to introduce their newest flavors...we chose Butter Pecan since it is our favorite! Yummy! Again nothing else needed for dinner. When got everything unloaded from the car and she headed back home, I just left everything where it was, went back to my book...finished it about 11 p.m. Did not even turn my computer on yesterday! Wow, that is a first in a long time :o)!
This morning, I got up early (4:45), fed and bathed the "girls", took a HOT shower so I could loosen up, then I lay back down to watch that wonderful Mike Holmes on HGTV, fell back to sleep! When I finally dragged my hiney back out of bed...I put the "fireplace" together after moving my exercise bike to the other side of the room so I would have a place for it! Put all the wall hangings up and have all the trash ready to go out on Tuesday! Also on Tuesday, I will be mailing out the photobooks to my sisters and they came in yesterday too! They are simply gorgeous books and hope all enjoy them that receive them as Christmas gifts!
On Thursday, I had nothing to I sat my butt in front of this computer and played with some element making fun. Here are 3 pages (one for each "girl") that I created all the cat elements using cat freebie brushes by Lisa's Designs and a few Autumn elements from Fall Magic Kit & Early Fall Kit by Scrap and Tubes, ADSD's Crisp Days by DCS and some BG pages from Cuddlebeez and Sooze's Labor Day SBF freebie kit. What do you think? O I created the polaroid frames with freebie brushes too. All the photos are mine but one of MzKitty on the floor, it was taken by my friend Scotty!
Hope all of you are having a terrific long weekend and enjoying the extra day for Columbus Day and you Miss Carol are enjoying your Thanksgiving. Make memories to share! Chat more later...Luv, Mat!

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