Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Weymond

My fabulous BIL, Weymond, is having a birthday I took a photo of him from his DIL's FB site to make a Happy Birthday page for him since I could not be there to hassle him in person. He was just in from the fields, dirty, tired and wanting a cigarette, but when his precious grandbaby, Hayden, yells "Papa" it really brightens his day....hopefully this reminder from me will also brighten his day! Love you bunches and hope you share many, many more birthdays as great as this one surrounded by your family and friends!I used a freebie minikit by KBS called Southwestern Sample and the remarkable quote is from Paulette at TLC Creations and the Happy Birthday WA is from Lynn at ScrapEmporium! The photo is one of Margaret's from her FB account! Thanx to all of you for sharing!! Been really busy weekend and now it is FOOTBALL SUNDAY so gonna get caught up with a few things, a little blog walking and answering e-mails....then snacking and watching the games for me! Hope y'all all enjoy your fantastic Sunday and make lots of memories. Chat more later, Luv, Mat 'n "girls"

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