Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today is Grandparents Day, even though mine are long gone, I wish for all of you who are or about to be grandparents a great day with your grandkids if possible. Since I don't have any, I made a page for both my sisters of them and their granddaughters. It is a cloudy day here with a slight chance of more showers, yippee that means lower humidity, right? NOT!! O well, got to go empty my yard of mushrooms...yep a big patch of them cropped up over night with all the flooding rains we had last week. Also gonna run to the grocery store for some milk and something to kill these HUGE ant beds with (also since the rains). Hope all y'all have a terrific Sunday and that you are all making lots of memories to share! Chat more later! Luv, MatKathy & Jim with Jade & Ruby in a kits from the BlogTrain-Fall Carnival and pearls from Dinphy (recolored).Penny & Weymond with Hayden in a kit from Teapot Lady! TFL!!

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