Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My lovely blog sisters!

As I sit here in this "lake" with more liquid sunshine falling (compliments of Hermine), I was downloading some scrap freebies and when I got this new one from Linda, I just had to use it for all my "Blog Sisters"! I snitched the photo of the 4 in Ohio last May from Carol, then added Miss Scarlett. Just changed the wordart a smidgen by covering the "a" and adding an s to soul. Viola! Added the background, frame, flower and heart from Courtney's Crafty Elements kit. Thanx "sisters" for always being there and visiting and leaving such lovely comments to make my day so memorable. I'm also taking more photos of the "girls" cause there is no TV today, DirectV must be waterlogged. It rained yesterday off and on all day, but started again late last evening, rained all night and has rained all morning. I am not kidding about the lake, the front has about 3/4 inches of water on the sidewalk, the driveway is at least 2-3 inches under water at the carport and the backyard, well...I could go swimming in it! We surely needed the rain, just not all at once, but not complaining as it is FINALLY cooler around here...until tomorrow anyhow, then back to the mid 90's. Well, gotta get some housework done now, as Linda says somehow it just doesn't do it without me! :o) Have a terrific hump day and make many more memories to share. Chat more later y'all! Luv, Mat

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