Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dennis!

Today is Farmer McBrown's, aka Dennis, birthday! He's a farmer, chicken plucker, maple tree tapper, dog milker, canner helper, kitchen faucet repairer, hunter and fisherman, as well as husband, father, grandfather, and hair style trend setter that loves to have juleps on the veranda at Rhett and Scarlett's when the "others" allow him to! Whew and I think I am a busy bee!! :o) Just repeating what I hear now!! Really, the "kitty girls" and I wish you a very happy and memorable birthday! Enjoy yourself to the max and hope you share many more of them. I actually got MissG to send me some photos of you to make you this greeting for your special day! So thanx MissG for sharing. I used several kits to put this together, Scrappin'Cop's Circle Stamp, Frame by Gunhild and the rest is Teapot Lady's Manly Thing kit. Thanx to all for your freebies and generosity in sharing them with me. Gotta go now as the storms are getting a lot closer (yippee, cooling rain this morning) so need to shut this 'puter down. Make lots of memories to share today and will chat with all y'all later! Luv, Mat

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