Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Back!!

Sorry I have been offline for a little over a week....some nice "friend" sent me a worm that was very hungry....McAfee quarantined it so that I could get rid of it. I definitely did not want to send it on to my real friends. It took me 4 days to back up all the files I did not want to lose. Of course, I only lost a couple of things I will have to put back. I sure did feel out of touch though. I did some pages for my ancestry books I am creating, so my time was not totally wasted....and I do have a complete back up too!
We had a blue norther come through here yesterday....was 68 yesterday morning this time....not this morning it is 45. Lots of cold wind too, but it sure feels better than the muggy crap we have had lately! We got about .25 of rain too! Surely needed it!
I did a couple of pages here...of my "girls" and my greatnieces! I used photos of my "girls" that they did NOT want me to take....LOL! I used a QP with no TOU of Hayden riding with her Mom and just adore the one of Jade & Ruby playing. I used some freebie brushes and a cute kit by jltis called Nostalgia add on. I also used a WA freebie from S.O.digitally Me! Thanx to all you creative designers who so selflessly share your work with us. I appreciate you and your kindness.
I had better hush for now, got company coming later today and I have to finish the floors and get my shower, fix some snacks and be prepared! Whatever you choose to do today, make it fun and memorable so you can share your memories. Until next chat....Luv, Mat

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