Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Friends

Can you believe another year has come and gone so quickly? It seems when you stop working so much.....your life gets even busier! Why is that?
I have been very busy making treats for friends, neighbors, and workers that assist me all year the mail carrier, garbage collectors, hairstylists, physicians...etc. Here is a photo of some of my creations this year... See the pretty centerpiece, that is from my sister Penny! Makes my table look nice and smells really great too. The "girls" like it as well, but are not trying to eat or chew on it so far! :) Here is a photo of our tree this year...usually one or two of the "girls" is under it and trying to climb into the bags....! What you don't see is all the love and hugs and wishes that are wrapped up under it! All my "girls" and all my great nieces are in ornament frames on it too! :)I've really had a bad "BUG" in my computer, but I think after several days of trying and aggravating phone calls to techs...finally caught it and squashed it really good (at least I hope so)! Anyhow, I am able to get back on here and chat with y'all! A good thing is I have all my data, photos, psd files, albums, scrapbooking kits and programs as well as my games all copied and safe if I should have to start over! LOL!
I want to wish all my family, friends and loved ones a most blessed and Merriest of Christmas' ever. I wish you to make many, many happy, enjoyable memories to share and carry you thoughout the new year! I am truly blessed with a loving and caring family and a host of wonderful friends from all over the country! Especially my blog sisters, scrapping buddies...whatever you want to call them...I am happy and pleased to call them my FRIENDS!! Always there for me no matter what! I love you all! (From Canada, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee and Louisiana) Thanx to those of you who contributed to this page. Carol and Cuddlebeez!
From MzKitty, Oreo, Pumpkin and Me....Meowy Christmas to y'all!
Gotta finish up some last minute details here, then a visit from Teri to exchange gifts and then over to Jill & Scot's to do the same this evening. Then tomorrow I will cook dinner for my friends Jan & Bill as she is still under the weather from her surgery last month and on Sunday will be meeting up with Jan & Scotty for dinner at Genghis Khan's! Busy weekend ahead...whew! So will sign off for now, again wishing all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Love you all and will chat more with you next time!

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