Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Sunday Morning Y'all!

It's 6:30 a.m. on a muggy "yucky" Sunday! I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee with the fur babies all surrounding me...they just had their "bath" so it is relaxing time.  They really don't get bathed each morning, but they get wiped down with a warm wash cloth (they love the routine now...:) and it keeps the dander down for me). They have all been fed (inside and outside babies too) so now it's sleep time or let's pester "Mom" time....LOL! We had a small front pass through yesterday that brought some of us a little shower (less than 1/4 inch) creating a bit of STEAM to surround us.....this afternoon it is to recede back north as a warm front...go figure....FALL is nowhere in sight for us!  Oh well, can't do anything about it, but stay inside and crank up the AC again and hope to keep the arthritis in my hands at bay a little.  I will probably binge watch football again today (broken by the NASCAR chase races)! Rough life, right? I can hear you laughing at me!! Got my outdoor plumbing issue taken care of, all the laundry is done, folded and put away, the floors have been swept and mopped, the kitty nose art has been erased and is ready for new ones (clean windows),  the bed made and all is right with the house, so my plans are to lounge in my PJs all day and just chill. 
I did manage to get some scrap pages done of the great nieces and great nephews this week and finally posted on Facebook last evening...(before my hand just refused to cooperate)! So, here goes (they need to be in my Blog Book to be printed at the end of the year)! First is my lovely smiling niece Sebrina in a page I created using a background from ADB Designs and a cluster from SnickerDoodle at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and wordart from Ginger.
Here's the Missouri kiddos....Jade, Ruby and Jayson....the girls in their school photos and Jayson asleep in the car! Jade is in a frame by Fecnikek, Ruby's QP is from Studio 4 (Fabulous Fall Freebie Page Stacker) and the cluster frame is from djfs called Love to Learn.  Jayson looked so sweet I put him in a QP from Marzia's Place called Colorful Summer so I could use multiple views of him.
Now we go south to Georgia for the 4 down there....Calvin with his Oreo just looked so cute in this QP by mhos7jo (sorry no designer info with TOU to link to) called Fins, Feathers & Fur. Hayden is in a QP from KimericKreations called KK amix-RAK-frd.
And these 2 photos just seemed to go together although they were taken a couple of days apart. Annabeth just loving on her Eliza...I hope these sisters stay close like this for years and years to come...Amy sent these to my phone so they are not real clear, but look pretty in this lovely frame by Neli and wordart from Linda.
Okay, these only took a couple of minutes (during the week) to make....using freebies from all these awesome, talented and so very generous designers! If you hover your mouse over the names you can find links to their sites for the freebies to use. Thanks to all of you for these lovely gifts, making it easier for me and my (sometimes) uncooperative fingers ! I appreciate all of you very much!
It is now 7:30 a.m. and time to stop rambling...get off my hiney and turn this PC off....get my shower and fresh PJs on to watch some FOOTBALL...y'all have a great Sunday making lots and lots of memories to share with us! Until next time....HUGS, Mat


  1. You earned yourself a lazy day, after all the work you've done in the house and then also made such lovely layouts.
    I can imagine you are eager for Fall to come around the corner with all the time those high temperatures and the humudity. Would be nice if you could send us some of it(well, let's say 5 -10 degrees of F to our area to make it just a bit warmer. Not that we should complain till now. It's getting a bit fresher but as long as we still have longer periods with sunshine and not too much rain and wind it's quite nice.
    I too had myself a lazy day yesterday, first watch some lovely programs on tv in the morning, then did some designing on a new kit, that is finished, did some knitting, etc. All very relaxed, yippee!
    So I guess I should be more active today, LOL!
    Promise I'll do some things around the house okay?
    Hope your arthristis will not bother you too much, dear and that you can do some scrapping that you like to do.
    Have a wonderful start of the week and days after.

  2. My goodness, you certainly have been busy! Your new scrap pages are just beautiful. Someone is going to be very lucky indeed to get your blog books someday. My oldest daughter put in her claim to all of mine as soon as I had the first one printed.

    I also order a copy of each blog book as a PDF file. This way, all the kids can have a copy.

    I'm watching a presentation of various stained glass products on one of the shopping channels. Gosh, some of these items are just exquisite. No, I'm not buying any, but it is nice to be able to see them.

    Last night was so cool, that Pogo wore a sweater to bed to keep warm. It's way too early to put the heat on. Gosh, I'm hoping we don't have to turn it on until at least November. Hmmm, wouldn't that be nice!!

    Well, I got up very late today, and haven't done anything around the house yet, so I'd best be getting started. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Muito obrigada por sua visita.
    Aqui em Manaus as temperaturas estão muito altas, ontem tivemos 44º C... Hoje creio que estará tão quente quanto ontem.
    Seu blog está sempre bem enfeitado com fotos de sua linda família, é muito bom vir visita-la!
    Desejo, a você, um fim de semana muito alegre, feliz e com muita saúde!
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. translated by Google.......
    Good morning, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for your visit.
    Here in Manaus temperatures are very high, yesterday we had 44 C ... Today I believe it will be as hot as yesterday.
    Your blog is always well decorated with pictures of his beautiful family, it is very good to come visit it!
    Wish you a very happy week so happy and good health!
    Hugs, Neli.