Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Anniversary Kat N Jim!

Hello y'all!  Fall has finally arrived in Texas (at least for the weekend) Thursday morning we woke to temperatures below 70 for the first time in ages...It was 68, I turned off the AC and opened windows to put some fresh air in this shut up house...the fur babies loved it! So did I, got to clean out the space between the window and the screens of the dust, dirt and dead flies....and fur balls dust bunnies all got rounded up too YUCK! We woke to 64 on Friday morning and this morning it was 56....Whoopee!!!  But, all good things will begin to fade away as the temps will be on the rise again next week, one more day to enjoy the nice crispness!  Still no rain in sight, but I did get out and water my plants really well and gave them some miracle grow....just look how pretty they are:
 I think my cactus will have more blooms on it this year, it seems to be thriving well, may have to move it into the ground as it is really growing!
This is the hibiscus on my side of the duplex. It has really had lots of blooms and still have many more buds to open on it.
This is a close up of the blooms, they are striped and the prettiest shade of hot pink.
My Live Forevers are blooming too, all those (purple bush ends) will be new plants next year, just break them off and place them head down in the dirt over the winter.
 The mums are all doing real well too!
Still having problems with the grass returning after all the digging they did in December to put the piers in to level my house again....the planters help to hide it.

 My pansies all took root at the mailbox and seem to be thriving!
My Wandering Jew just keeps on growing and see all the pretty little blooms that are on it the early part of the day!
My bad with having the windows open and being outside too much...the Ragweed and Tree pollen count was astronomical and yep, you guessed it...ALLERGIES....attacking me and causing my asthma to wake up. I am wheezing like bagpipes without any instrument and coughing a lot. I haven't had an attack in years, so all my inhalers are outdated and it's the weekend....but I shut all the windows and taking my Claritin and trying to stay calm (not drinking anything really cold, no eggs, no bananas, no milk products, etc) until I can see the Dr. on Monday! It's a shame too as the weekend temperatures have been perfect....oh, well, it will return eventually and hopefully the Ragweed will recede some as well.
Today, my sister Kathy and her hubby Jim have been married for 45 years! I called to wish them Happy Anniversary and she says she is not feeling well again.  I feel for her, I know the COPD really bothers here this time of the year, but she was waiting for Jason, Christina and the grand kids to show up for dinner and that will cheer her a bit I am sure.  She sent me the cutest video of Jayson (who turned 4 last Sunday) singing to his mommy! They are growing so fast and not really babies anymore (Jade is 8, and Ruby is 6).  Got a couple of photos from Amy of Annabeth with Hayden that I will have to scrap this week...Hayden will be 7 on the 15th...I can't believe it! Calvin will be 2 next month and mama Maggie is 38 weeks along with Chase!  Amy's Annabeth was 2 last month and Eliza was born this past May. Nope, they don't stay little very long!!
Well, I think I need to go rest some more, y'all have a fantastic weekend of making memories to share and enjoy yourselves...will chat more with you a little later. Hugs, Mat

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  1. Plants still keep amazing me, on how they do well in very different circumstances. They are strong things!
    Now with the temperature drop you shoul dfeel fine, but gosh, now you have to suffer the allergies because of the pollen and such. Hope it will pass really soon, and that you can see the doctor on Monday. Isn;t it striking that a lot of "illness"starts just before the weekend and is the worst often during the weekend when it is more difficult to see a doctor? Well, we can call weekend post for a doctor or go to hospital, but normally you just want to see your own doctor, isn;t it?
    45 years of marriage is a long time, Jan and I are together about half that time and only married for 8 years now LOL.
    Sorry that your sister wasn;t feeling all too good that day. But may be the visit of the children and grandchidren did her some good, to distract her miind.
    You stay easy peasy this weekend to have the less trouble with your attack.
    And hopefully the doctor will give you good medication on Monday to get rid of it as much as possible and as soon as possible!