Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wholly Cow!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since the much has been going on here!  Great nephew born on the 7th, he and mom is lots of distress....the 8th my sister Kathy had to visit the ER with a severe case of bronchitis and on the 9th, yep, it was my turn to drive to and spend 5 hours at the ER....I could not breathe enough to even talk, had to show my drivers license so they could treat was real scary! I gained 20 pounds overnight! I got a phone call from my friend Jan just as they were taking my BP (220/114) (I never have high blood pressure, they always complain that it is too low!) so she headed to ER to be with me. They took me immediately to trauma and put a nitro patch on my chest, and put a halter monitor on...did a chest x-ray, EKG, I kept telling them it was not my heart, but my bronchial system and lungs. Oh joy, the fun of trying to find a vein for blood and IV....(I'm hard to stick without all the extra fluid)...this only took 5 times...and lots of ugly bruises...they finally used a vein finder and put the IV in my upper inner left arm where they put the blood pressure cuff! After calming a little, the doctor and I discussed what had happened earlier in the week with the visit to my family doctor for the asthma attack and the medicines prescribed.  He started a breathing treatment for the next hour and a half, then did a CT scan of my legs for blood clots as my blood work indicated an elevation of something that might indicate I had one....! My blood pressure finally came back down to an acceptable reading so the ER doctor finally diagnosed a hypertensive episode from the excessive water gain and told me to dc the prednisone and was going to give me a prescription for a water pill, I told him I already take a mild one and would take it when I got home along with all my other daily meds.  Wow, what a trip and so stressful, thanks to Jan and Bill for being there with me.
After I got home and got my daily meds out, I discovered I was out of the water pills and had been for about a week or so...don't know how that happened that the empty bottle got thrown away before the refill was picked up, but....that explained the excessive water gain...I had a friend pick up the pills at the pharmacy for me and dropped them by (I was too exhausted to drive by then)...for 2 days I kept running to the bathroom and all through the nights too..LOL...but the 20 pounds went away, my afib went back in sync and all is right with me again.  The asthma got back under control without the prednisone and I am even off the inhalers again.  So I now have a new system for my refills...this will NOT happen again.
This Thursday evening it started raining and has been raining almost non-stop finally stopped after a shower this morning. (Hurricane Patricia helped send some moisture up to us)  I still have lots of water on the driveway and in the back yard, I also need to sweep up the debris left at my front door from the excessive water....not sure how much our totals wound up but I know we got over 5 inches of rain in those 3 days....but nothing like the totals of 12-14 inches that fell just south of much flooding that they closed Interstate 45 a couple of different times and a train was partially underwater there.  Feel so bad for those that were caught in it and having to spend the night in their cars...all the rescuers worked so hard! We are still experiencing some troubles there, and some minor flooding in low areas around here with some rescues still happening. All my outside fur babies stayed nice and high and dry in their little homes....but I worried about those that were caught with no where to go but up a tree to stay dry!  Poor babies!  We desperately needed some rain as the drought had gotten to the severe stage again, but we didn't need it all at once.  The cold front has pushed through and is pushing the rain eastward....and dropping our humidity and temperatures to more fall like.
Okay, on to more fun things...I did manage a little bit of scrapping time during all the high drama....LOL! Take a look at some of the pages I made!This one I created after little Wayne was born...don't they all look the same?
This is little miss Annabeth admiring herself in the mirror as she dressed up in her Cinderella outfit.  She reminds me of her mother (Amy) and her Mimi (Penny) at that age...look at her expression?  The wording is from Belle from a while back and Ginger fairly recent...the background, lace frame and flower are all from Miriam's Scraps.
This cute frame from Neli was just perfect for this adorable photo of Eliza.....Annabeth actually has this violet toy...LOL!
This pretty QP from Fecnikek is perfect for the photo of Hayden to wish her a happy 7th birthday on the 15th..she is growing so much and so pretty don't you think?
Then just yesterday, this photo was posted on Facebook and Maggie tagged me, so I just had to make a page to honor her triumphs...So proud of you Hayden, again in a page by Fecnikek.
I really must do some catch up on the other kiddos....just haven't had much time lately...and with the storms and lightning strikes...I haven't been able to be on the computer that much...and I have recently gotten in touch with some lost limbs of the family tree that has taken a little bit of time in research! Anyway, gotta get off here now and fix something to eat...finished 2 cups of coffee already! Race is from Talladega this week and the Cowboys are playing the you know what I'm doing this afternoon right?  Y'all have a great Sunday and I will try to blog more often.  Keep making those memories to share! Hugs to all! Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Obrigada pela sua gentil visita, gosto muito dos seus comentários!
    Querida amiga, ao ler o que aconteceu com você, nesse episódio de hipertensão fiquei muito preocupada... você precisa se cuidar mais, não pode deixar a doença aparecer e se instalar, ok?
    Quanto às chuvas terríveis por aí são muito ruins todas de uma vez. Aqui no Amazonas está tudo muito seco e tem muitos incêndios nas florestas e a maioria são provocados por pessoas que querem terras.
    As suas crianças são lindas!
    Querida amiga tenha uma excelente semana e melhore de saúde! Abraços, Neli.

  2. Goah, you had some frightning time lately and it even wasn't Halloween!! LOL.
    But without joking, that watergain wasn't good at all and together with that trouble with your astma, pfffff, be happy it all came to normal sxtandards more or less in short time. I am always suspicious when i read people get prednison as medication, it is some weird stuff and often there are nasty side effects of it. Glad the doctor skipped it for you!
    God that you weren;t alone in hospital and you had your friend at your side. It all is scary enough to be on ER and you never know what happens.
    Now first of all you will have to take care of yourself and take rest. You seem to be at times sooooo busy looking after people that you almost loose yourself ROFL.
    With everything now under cntrol again, it is important to try to keep it that way, don;t you think?
    I was thinking of you when we had one the news the floods in Texas, and I am glad you didn;t have too much trouble, at least not as much as in other parts.
    at certain times you have terrible drought and when you all need some rain desparately, it will not come and when not really expected, it comes, but then in enormous amounts. (sometimes it happens here to, but mostly not as extreem as in your part of the world).
    The kids are adorable in the layouts, but kids almost always are, hey???
    Now you take good care of yourself, and take more "free"time, even when you think you haven;t time for it LOL!

  3. Ah, yes, those little water pills! You really have to take them regularly or you pay the piper. I've been so worried about you and my other friends in Texas. So much rain. I'm glad to hear that you are okay.

    I wonder, what about your outdoor kitties? Do they have to fend for themselves in all that water when they need to go potty or do you have a litter box up high for them? I know, such a dumb question, but I do worry about all the fur babies outdoors.

    Your scrap layouts are beautiful, as usual. The little ones grow so fast. These pages will be sure to give them happy memories in a few years.

    You take care of yourself. Asthma and high blood pressure are not fun. Watch some TV and have a relaxing evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Neli's comment translated by Google.....
    Good afternoon, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for your kind visit, I love your comments!
    Dear friend, to read what happened to you, that hypertension episode was very worried ... you need to take more care, can not let the disease appear and settle, okay?
    As for the terrible rains there are very bad all at once. Here in the Amazon it is all very dry and has many forest fires and most are caused by people who want land.
    Your children are beautiful!
    Dear friend has a great week and better health! Hugs, Neli.