Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Y'all!

The weather alerts kept me awake last night....every time I dozed off, my phone would make that awful loud obnoxious noise for an Emergency rained and rained and rained causing flash flooding because of the soaking we got last week.  It is finally all moving off to the East now.  The little cold front that came through sure feels good, I have the windows up and the glass up on the fur babies are loving it. There is no wind today and the pollen got washed away so am risking it, it smells wonderful and clean. The trees surely shed a lot of their leaves and are floating in the river running out back. My fur babies are all snuggled in their little boxes, aren't they really cute?

They really appreciate the boxes under cover, up off the ground, clean blankets, dry food and a litter box close by (also up off the ground)! Spoiled you say, NOT, they just have me trained really well...ROFLMBO! No wonder all the strays come and stay! I have an Igloo out front that has cat beds inside that 2 share during the rainy and cold days too! There is always dry food and water out for them and I feed them wet food each morning and evening. The birds are fed twice a day too! The squirrels eat all day and hide the acorns on the ground. Each evening, I think the opossum and racoon eat what the cats leave of the dry food.  I've seen a few occasionally!
I made a few pages this week for BIL Jim celebrated on the 27th, the twins Lance & Lamar celebrated on the 28th and I got new photos of all the kiddos, so had to make some for them too and a RAK for my sister Penny's friend Joy, then my "cousin" (through marriage) took a trip to Maine and asked me to do a page for her and one of her and her daughter and a family portrait for my friend Jan.
So I am including all of them in this post so they will be in my printed book at the end of the year. I so enjoy making these pages and especially for other people. Makes me happy!

Thanks to all the lovely designers that I get freebies from to be able to do this...I thank you Kyra and Arlene at With A Russian Dutch Heart, Dawn at OklahomaDawn, Miriam at Miriam's Scraps, Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli, DigidesignResort, Sweet Pea Designs, Fecnikek and Studio Manu for all these lovely pages and/or elements and especially to Miss Boots (Linda) at Random Thoughts for the wordart. I love all of you and am so very thankful for your generous hearts and awesome talent. You bring lots of joy to my life!
Well, I won't be seeing any of the trick or treaters tonight....they all go to the churches or the malls in the area for the trunk or treat offerings.  It is so much safer for the kids and mostly out of the weather and we really don't have any children to speak of in this neighborhood.  So, the fur babies and I will be all cozy and snuggled together watching TV or reading or maybe even sleeping since last night was interrupted so many times...LOL! I hope to catch a glimpse of Miss Edna and Pogo as they go by on their broom, providing the weather will allow them this far south! Y'all be safe out there and I will check back with you next week, keep on making all those memories to share, we love hearing about them and seeing the photos. Until next blog, many hugs sent your way.  Mat


  1. Wow, you've been busy scrapping!! What great layouts. Your kitties all look so happy and content. You're a super mommy to all of them.

    I was wondering how you were what with all the rain and flooding (pkus a tornado). I'm so glad to know that all of you are safe and well.

    Pogo and I will be leaving soon to meet up with our friends. This should be a fun ride. We're hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of you when we pass over your part of Texas. Enjoy your evening. Happy Halloween. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. was a bit worried when I heard all the news about the weather in Texas and glad to know all is well with yu.
    Your fur babies are so lovely and well taken care of, they all have their special places. But also the other animals around are thought of, you;re wonderful.
    Good you could spent sme time on making layouts, keeps the mind busy but also relaxed.
    I saw Edna flying over our house yesterday night and we waved, of course LOL!
    Good that these days the broms have kind of super-jet motor on them, otherwise she'd been flying for many hours ROFL!
    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully without any floods and or storms.

  3. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Tenho estado um pouco doente, nestes dias, com muita dor de cabeça e indisposição...
    Seu blog continua lindo, minha amiga e a homenagem que você presta sempre a sua família me deixa emocionada, é muito bonito.
    Muito obrigada pela sua visita!
    Querida amiga, tenha um excelente fim de semana!
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. translated by Google....
    Good morning, dear friend Mat! I've been a little sick these days, with a lot of headache and malaise ... Your blog still beautiful, my friend and you always pay tribute to your family makes me emotional, it's beautiful. Thank you for visiting! Dear friend, have a great weekend! Hugs, Neli.