Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holy Cow, What a Blue Norther!!

Sakes alive, I've not been this cold in years. We went from 65 degrees to 11 degrees in about 36 hours. I turned up the heater, built a fire in fireplace, dressed in heavy sweats and socks and was STILL COLD. Finally turned the electric blanket up real hi and went to bed with the "girls" snuggled up to me before I got warm. Must be getting old....Nah, never happen to me....LMAO!!! Since I went to bed way before dark, I awoke way before the made my coffee and started scrapping. I want to thank Verony and Rose for my most recent blog awards, you are both so very, very talented that I am honored you thought of me. The award from Verony is to be passed on to 7 others so...I pass it to Angelscrapper, Miss Boots, Miss Gerri, Miss Scarlett, Judy, Queenie, Pauline and Rose!( I know I picked 8, but) Here you are ladies!! Luv you all!I am also giving you all the one Rose sent too! So here it is! Verony this one is for you too!Will be back in a few to upload some of my scrapping from this morning! Later....Mat

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