Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

Actually springlike weather has been around here since about the middle of February, but the vernal equinox was yesterday, so officially the first day of spring.  We are expecting a little cool front to move in on Sunday that might bring us back into the upper 30's but will only last a day or so. There is supposed to be some rain as well on tomorrow and Saturday that we desperately need. I had my yard mowed on Monday, looking really pretty and green, but I do need to get out some weeds.  I seem to be fighting a losing battle since I weed and feed during the winter, where others around do not (they are renters) and their dandelions just ship seed over to mine grrrrr....!
Got some photos from my sister Kathy of her grand children getting haircuts for Easter and spring. So, I decided to make a page for each one with the before and after photos. You know how Grandma's are!
This first one is Jade, since she got her hair cut first.
I used a free kit by Laurrie at cheyOkota called Love Birds. I did some recoloring of the background paper and the frames. Red is Jade's favorite color. The wordart is Jaelop Designs that I recolored.
This is Ruby. The top photo she is telling her Grandma she doesn't want bangs anymore. Too bad, Chris left her with bangs and shorter hair too.
This kit is a combination of 2 from Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart. The background paper is from A Smile Works Miracles, the rest is from All Because of You. The cluster is from Arlene and again the wordart is from Jaelop Designs, recolored. Ruby's favorite color (as is Grandma's) Purple!
Last but not least, is the cute baby boy longer a cute baby with lots of red curls, now he is a Big Boy with a Big Boy Haircut. Look at the photo of his curls the day Jade got her haircut, he had to have a barrette too since she was wearing them. That caused the second photo of all his curls lying on the floor. Mama gave him his first hair cut. Now he is a cute Big Boy.
This layout is done using Kyra (WRDH) kit Skyhigh and with a cluster from Arlene from the same kit. This word art is from Jaelop and is recolored. Isn't he just the cutest? He looked so much like his daddy with the curls at the same age, now he doesn't look like him any more. He is growing so fast.
Just e-chatted with Amy (Penny's baby girl) she is doing well, finally beginning to show, has her first sonogram on the 28th. Hope she finds out what she is having so I can start buying baby stuff for her...LOL!
Well, been on this computer too shoulders are aching, so guess I will shush for now. Y'all make lots of great memories to share and I will chat more with you next time. Luv, Mat
PS I have some new freebies over at Miriam's Scraps if you want them...stop by and pick them up! Hugs!!


  1. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Todas fotos e as QPs estão lindas! Gosto de ver como você as arruma.
    Trouxe notícias daqui hoje: minha Céci está em franca recuperação e minha labirintite está controlada.
    Ainda estou com muitos afazeres, mas já estou com um pouco de tempo à noite.
    Vou fazer spaguetti ao sugo para meu marido agora. Abraços, Neli.

  2. Cute layouts and even cuter little ones! you are lucky with your spring weather ,yesterday it was the coldest first day of spring since 1965! Can u believe that? I think we might be going in the right direction now~` suppose to be in the mid-30's all next week. We really should be heading south instead of north, but not this weekend My sister-in-law just had surgery on Monday and we should be going to Missouri, but she will need time to heal before we visit. I,ll let you know if I'm a big winner or not! lol Have a great weekend.

  3. Such sweet layouts! Photos of Kids and animals are always the best for making layouts.
    Today I will have a real lazy day, hahahahaha!
    My but will ache sometimes, cause we will be watching a lot of tv. Oh well, I'll move around during the commercials LOL!
    Have a great weekend

  4. Your layouts are just bautiful! Doesn't that first hair cut change a little boy's looks? I'll bet his momma cried when all the curls came off. It's a sad day, but a big day for your grandson. The children are adorable.

    I'm jealous of you getting all this wonderful Spring weather. I woke up to three more inches of snow to clean off my car so I could go to work. Yuk!

    You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. Good night, dear friend Mat!
    All photos and QPs are beautiful! I like to see how you tidy.
    Brought news here today: my Ceci is in frank recovery and my labyrinthitis is controlled.
    I still have some business, but I'm a bit of time at night.
    I'll make spaghetti with tomato sauce for my husband now. Hugs, Neli.