Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Flowers for 2013

I've had Spring Fever so bad last few along with cleaning windows, weeding the grass, etc...I decided to put out my pots and put new plants in them. I made a cute little bed around the new mailbox and planted marigolds hoping to kill the fire ant beds that like to form there! The rest of the plants, yellow dwarf snapdragons, multicolored pansies, red geraniums and my live forever succulents are all in pots along the front walkway. My little cat family pots have a really small plant with a teeny tiny white flower on them. I took photos of them yesterday about 4 p.m. when the sun was already casting shadows (my house faces south) but they look pretty good. I used a kit from Lesley at Scrapiness Down Under called LM030213. I used her background, but used a photo of my front entryway (with cats and artificial flowers) as an overlay then put individual photos in the frames. These are the first ones for 2013 until my favorites are ready for planting. The pots surround my yellow Hibiscus that I hope comes back this year. I followed instructions for winter by keeping it watered daily and cut back and really stacked the mulch on it, so hope it survived. It should start awakening really soon if it did (fingers crossed). It certainly was beautiful last spring and summer.
Well, enough for now, just wanted to show you why I have been so busy and away from my computer! Chat more next time. Luv, Mat


  1. Now just hoping no frost will come back at night, otherwise your plants will have a hard time!
    The pots with seeds Jan planted are showing some life in it. Some of them have already a lot of tiny seedlings. As Jan never puts a name with them it will be a surprise what is coming up LOL.
    Have a lovely day Mat!

  2. ooooo, I am so jealous! Your layout is wonderful. I love it when the first flowers start coming up in the Spring. That is my favorite time of year. Just can't wait to get out in the garden and put in some new plants. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.