Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Pages

Here's the pages I created of the kiddos and kiddos of friends for Facebook for Easter, thought those of you not on FB would like to see them.
Miss Hayden in a QP by Arlene from Kyra's kit Some Day. Wordart by Mags Gfx at Scrap Wow!
Jade, Ruby and Jayson in the same kit by Kyra and cluster by Arlene and Wordart from same file as above.
Miss Emorie Lynn, my "sister" Nina's great granddaughter in a freebie by aniaw from Scrap Wow! the Wordart is old and not sure who created it.
This is Faith, the granddaughter of my high school bud, Libby! The QP is a freebie by TBAB at Scrap Wow! My own Wordart!
Aren't they all little dolls. I took the photos of Hayden and Emorie. Jade, Ruby and Jayson were sent to me by my sister Kathy (her grand babies) and Libby had sent me the photo of Faith a while back. Thanks to all of you for the photos and/or the freebie QPs or Wordart!
My sister Kathy is in the hospital in St. Louis with a serious infection and high fever. Also now Her COPD and Pneumonia are causing problems so they are sending her to ICU.  She is having trouble breathing and her oxygen levels are way toooooo low and they can't get it to stabilize. So, please add her and her family to your prayers that she will soon be well and back at home. Thanks to all of you!
Got things I must get done, so will chat more later. Luv, Mat

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  1. Your layouts are just beautiful. What a lovely family. I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's illness. I'll keep you both in my prayers and hope for a speedy healing. You have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.