Saturday, March 9, 2013


We live in a world of constant change don't we? The weather, food, clothing styles, vehicle, day, night, time, and especially people! Our weather is finally changing into spring although not officially until the 20th, it has sprung on us fairly early.  I have even started my flower "garden"! Washing windows, clearing and cleaning out stuff not used in a know the drill! LOL! Foods are going to fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and lower calories!  The let's see how much skin we can show and stay out of jail dark clothing is changing to longer shirts and skirts and vivid bright colors! Our transportation is slowly going from individual gas hogs to tiny hybrids or mass transit routes. It's time to spring forward and change to daylight savings tonight until the end of October, giving us more time to play, do chores or whatever in the evenings! Don't like something? Stick around a few and it will change! We are constantly evolving!!
Speaking of evolving...I think the older I get, the better I am becoming....ROFL here! Conceited, right? Nope, just an observation!! I was going through and cleaning up some files on my computer (ya know ya have to do that once in awhile and save stuff, etc.) and ran across some photos of myself made a couple of years ago. I know I have dropped a couple of pounds...started taking better care of my diet and my skin...and just being a happier person in the long run, but look at this page I made and you decide. I have not changed my hair color (although it looks it in these photos just in one my hair has been straightened the other is the natural curls...LOL), but I have changed my glasses.  What do you think? Sometimes change is a good thing, huh? I think so!! LMBO!
This page was made using Fabuloso kit by Kyra at With a Russian Dutch Heart and the border is by Arlene using the same kit. You should check out WRDH site for some really terrific FREE kits! Leave her a big thank you for all she shares so freely with us. Wishing all of you a terrific weekend of making memories to share. Chat more next post..going to do a little reading now...soon to be wet and stormy outside, so I may take a nap with the "girls"! Luv y'all! Mat


  1. Amazing how we can change over just a few years, hey? And I must say your change is really for the better! You Do look younger on the "now"picture and happier and I like your new glasses and the hair LOL!
    Oops, you did a lot of stuff and I am jealous of you! But who knows, next week I might get into the move too( a little bit). Spring weather disappeared here for now, next week we will even have frost in the night damn!
    We can just hope it's the last gasp of the winter and that after next week all temps will go up again and spring definately will make an arrival.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I'm hoping to have a bit of your energy when I get home. My gardens need a bit of TLC, and there are new plants that I want to plant.

    Your changes really do look so good. I'd like to make a few changes this Spring too. Like drop a bunch of pounds! lol. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, so I'm ready for Spring. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.