Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just scrapping away

Today was a fun day, since it was too hot to do much of anything else but soak up the AC,(I had breakfast, washed 2 loads of clothes, cleaned 2 bathrooms,clean litter boxes, took out the trash, colored my hair, vacuumed, grocery shopped and pulled weeds in half the flower bed all before noon) I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon scrapping my girls and a camping photo for a SBF challenge. I love time when I can spend looking at pages, getting ideas and looking at kits until something springs to mind. Here's what I came up with this time! Hope you enjoy them. I'm now tired and my shoulders ache, so think I will grab a book and go to bed to read for awhile. Hope all of you have a great Sunday and happy celebrations for Father's Day. I am going to do a brisket, pot of pintos and coleslaw for later in the day! Later y'all! Luv, Mat I used Miss Carol's Summer Kit background and her # 6 Overlay from an earlier kit. Wordart is by Miss Scarlett.
Again this background is from Angelscrappers Summer Kit and the Wordart is by Random Thoughts own Miss Linda.
Pumpkin's background is also from Angelscrappers Summer Kit, the Flowered corner is from Tails' (SBF)Mabon Magik kit wordart is Miss Linda's from Random Thoughts.
The background here is the ground squirrel on our cabin porch and all photos are ours including the extraction of the ground squirrel, this is for the camping challenge on SBF.

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