Saturday, June 6, 2009


There's nothing like sunning yourself in comfort while watching what's going on outside. This photo I snapped this morning as all 3 of them were sunning together. (Not an easy task to get all 3 in the same place at the same time!) :) This tower is in the master bedroom that has 2 large arch shaped windows and they face the front of the house where they can see all the action. You will see MzKitty always has the highest spot, Oreo takes up the bottom portion while Pumpkin is on the window sill. They looked so comfy and cute, I just had to snap this memory. I used a background by Jaelop Designs from her Country Side kit and I did the wording! Thanx for looking and visiting my blog. Later y'all, gotta get the chicken ready for Mike to put on the grill....LOL! Luv, Mat

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