Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardening....what fun!

Our couple of days of Spring happened so fast that I didn't get the chance to put my pots out, let alone get them filled with fresh dirt and new posies of any kind.  So, I got to do that when the temperatures were in the mid to upper 80's, low and upper (96F) 90's.  I got some rather great deals on the flowers though by waiting a bit. These high temps and very high winds we have been having is taking it's toll on some of them, but the front of my house looks pretty nice. What do you think? Look at the size of those blooms!
 I just love the color of the Hibiscus and the Impatiens in the large pot....I have a red and a hot pink Geranium, the multicolored Marigolds, the lovely light pink Periwinkles are in the hanging pot at the door, the Begonias are white, the Kalanchoe is gold, I have Bluebells in the cat pots and the multicolored Calibrachoa in the other pots, Tickseed is also yellow and the Dianthus is pink, the Live Forever is in the pot with the artificial white daisy (so you can see it) and around the base of the mailbox are the Sweet Potato vines and the Celosia.  I think there might be some trouble with those this year as I think some cats like to lay in them....LOL!
 I can't keep the bird feeders filled for some reason...must be too many birds coming to feast! I still have a couple of squirrels that come to feed on the acorns, but the bunny rabbits haven't been around with all the cats in the area. I think the opossum in the back has quit coming too, must be because it is so hot so quickly.
 I have been watering the grass and put a soak-er hose around the foundation of the house because of the winds and the dryness, but can only water for 1 hour on Wednesdays and Saturdays and not between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. We are on stage 1 water rationing as we are 8 inches below normal rainfall for this year already and were at a deficit from the previous year. Boats can't get into our lakes because they are down so drastically. We are under high fire danger warnings as well, but....we are supposed to get some rain (maybe up to 1/2 inch) tomorrow....just hoping it doesn't pass us by this time like it has lately! I sure feel for all those whose homes have been destroyed by the fires in Guthrie, Oklahoma this past week.

Well, enough for today, got things to get accomplished and cannot do them if my behind is sitting in front of this computer...ROFL! Will chat more with y'all a little later, keep on making those marvelous memories to share with us. Hugs, Mat


  1. Oh, you've been busy in the garden as I can see. Isn;t it lovely to have all those colors and beautiful blooms around you!
    Aweful that you have water using restrictions. That's something we hardly ever have to do, normally we've got more then enough rain around here.
    Perhaps you should look around also a bit for plants, that cna do with just a bit of water every now and then? I know there are much more than we know.
    I have a few links for you, and I know you will drool ROFL!
    Have a great weekend to come,

  2. Oh, minha querida amiga Mat!
    Bom dia!
    Que belo jardim florido, quanta vida, quanta cor e quanta beleza rodeiam seu lar!
    Gosto muito de flores e a minha flor preferida é o gerânio.
    Minha querida amiga, você é uma pessoa que ama a vida e transmite esse amor a todos que a conhecem, como uma característica sua. Quando você nos visita e deixa um comentário, transmite toda alegria e vibração e entusiasmo do seu espírito amigo . Querida Mat, obrigada pelas suas visitas e pelas jóias que são seus lindos comentários, é muito bom ser sua amiga!
    Parabéns pelas suas lindas flores, amei todas elas!
    Um grande abraço da amiga Neli.

  3. Goodness, you've been busy! Your plants look beautiful. I love your Hibiscus. I've tried growing them here, but unless you bring them into the house for the cold seasons, they don't live. Unfortunately I don't have room in the house for them. But, I can grow Rose Of Sharon, and they are of the same family as the Hibiscus. I do hope you get some rain soon. I've been watching the Weather Channel, and it looks pretty bleak and dry in your part of the country. This is not good. I also worry about all the fires. You be safe my friend. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Translated by Google
    Oh, my dear friend Matt!
    Good morning!
    What a beautiful flower garden, how much life, how much color and how much beauty surrounding your home!
    I really like flowers and my favorite flower is the geranium.
    My dear friend, you are a person who loves life and transmit that love to everyone she meets, as its feature. When you visit us and leave a comment, send all joy and vibrancy and enthusiasm of his friend spirit. Dear Matt, thank you for your visits and the jewels that are your beautiful comments, it is great to be your friend!
    Congratulations on your beautiful flowers, I loved them all!
    A big hug girlfriend Neli.