Monday, April 28, 2014

Nice Vacation!

I took a week and went to Georgia to spend Easter with Penny, Weymond and the kids and grand kids. I left my fur babies in the care of my neighbor Derryk and Jannette and her Mike. They were lovingly looked after, but I sure did miss them and they let me know I was missed when I returned too....LOL! The seven days sure did take a toll on me as we stayed up late (way, way past my normal bedtime) every night and it has taken me almost a week to just half way catch up....LOL (Isn't that what vacation is supposed to be?)

We surely had an enjoyable time even if one whole day was spent inside listening too and watching the 3 1/2 inches of rain fall.  Weymond grows white Amaryllis' and his were in full bloom all around the house and yard looking so gorgeous.  The blooms were humungous too. But the most fun was when the "babies" were all there. Annabeth is trying to learn to crawl and boy does she ever love Calvin....he is the happiest baby around, always smiling and "jabbering". He is 5 months old and in size 18 month clothes. He also is trying to crawl. They both love Hayden and she adores playing with them and vying for attention as well. There were times I missed the quietness of my home....ROFL!

I got to see one of Penny's cousins that I have not seen in 50 years, we had an enjoyable time catching up. Penny and I went by some of the family places and cemeteries to allow me to take some photos for Ancestry pages, I got to see my ex BIL I had not seen in many years, also chatted with my best high school friend Libby on the phone a while (she wasn't feeling too good so did not go by) and on the way to Tallahassee to return home, stopped and had a very enjoyable visit with another high school chum, Glenda who is helping with the 50 year class reunion scheduled for next April...(can't believe this milestone!!), so all in all it was a very tiring, but so very enjoyable vacation. Glad to be home with my fur babies and able to slow down a bit!

I found a place close to Penny that I really do like that is for sale...came home and saw my first realtor yesterday....if I can sell my duplex for what I need and in a timely manner, I think I will move back to Georgia so I can be around some family. I have no family here (just some totally awesome friends I hate to leave but....) and I think I am not getting any younger and should be able to enjoy the remainder of my years where I want to be. Guess retirement and being alone for the last 4 years will do that to ya, huh?  Guess I will see if it is meant to be.

I haven't been on the computer much since we had threats of nasty weather (that totally scooted over us) and like I said, still trying to catch up on my sleep deprivation, but I did manage to make a few Easter pages to share. I hope all of you had as great a time as we did for Easter.

Here's 2 special bunnies....Annabeth and Calvin in pages by Laurrie at CheyOkota (Annabeth's) and Calvin's I did using some of her clusters and the suit. The wordart stamps are by Donna....aren't these just the cutest bunnies?

These are all frames from Neli....Hayden, Calvin with his grandmother Denise and Annabeth in her Easter dress getting ready for Church. Don't you just want to reach out and pet those bunnies?
Ruby, Jayson and Jade and the Easter Bunny are in a free QP by Fecnikek

The frames for Amy and Maggie are bothy by Neli and I created the backgrounds.

This is Penny with her lap full and Hayden slid in for the photo op...LOL, I just dressed the photo with a border I created that you can find at Miriam's Scraps

Enough rambling for today, chat more later I have a lot of photos to go through for pages to make. Y'all have a lot of fun making great memories to share! Luv ya! Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida Mat!
    Fico feliz porque suas férias foram boas!
    Gosto de ver a família linda que você tem e gosto de ver o carinho que você tem por todos eles!
    Ando um pouco atarefada, mas daqui a alguns dias tudo vai melhorar por aqui.
    Querida amiga, fiquei muito feliz com sua visita, seja sempre bem vinda!
    Um grande abraço da amiga Neli.

  2. Hello back again!
    You sure had a great time and I can imagine you need to take another kidn of vacation at home, after those few hours of sleep you had on your visit LOL.
    Oh my, you have big plans, thinking about moving to Georgia. I can understand you want to be close to your family, but it's a big step selling your house and buying another one and then moving and letting behind your place where you live now.
    If all could be done with about "closed purse"as they say here, so that you could sell your house and use that for the new one, it might be not such a bad idea. But you really should take a little time to think it over and put all the pro's and contra's on a list, because it is a big change and will ask a lot of work and organizing, I think.
    Of course your fur babies did miss you! Did they let you know about it? Cats can be very grumpy at first when you are back, just to let you know they didn;t liked to be left "alone"LOL!
    Okay, some more "chatting"I will do another time, I have a bit of | spare time"that I should use for finishing a kit and start with a new one, I really think I must find a way to have more time for making kits, perhaps I should upload the kits in two downloads, or something like that. I have the feeling I am trying to persue myself, trying to get hold of myslef, but I do not succeed to catch myself ROFL.
    Do you know what I mean?
    Enough about me, so glad you had a wonderful time with your family and also glad you;re back safely again.

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation. Yup, the more fun you have, the longer it takes to recuperate from the vacation. I wonder why that is? Your layouts are beautiful.

    I hope things go well for you and you get to sell your house and buy your new one without too many problems. I agree that it will be nice to spend your retiring years closer to family. Do you suppose one of your neighbors will look after your outdoor kitties? That would be really nice.

    I guess it's time for me to get a few things done around here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.