Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter to All Y'all!

Things have been a little hectic around here, not been able to settle down and blog all week last week and again this week it is rather fast paced around here already.  For a couple of days of stormy weather, I stayed off the home computer because of lightning strikes...etc. but we haven't had a lot of rain, just a lot of wind and the lightning, but all around us have gotten some rain.....maybe we didn't pay the right people????? ROFL here! Just thankful for what we have gotten. Everything is pretty in bloom and oh so green.... :)
We had the potential for some severe weather most of the day yesterday and was under a tornado watch until midnight, but nothing but a little rain and lots, lots, lots of wind that is still blowing out of the north and causing our temperatures to plummet....from near 90 degrees on Saturday to 34 tonight....big difference right?
I did a couple of memory books for Amy, all have been printed and delivered and her mother and mother-in-law are ecstatic about them.  I want to try doing one for Amy and one for Maggie depicting the first year of their baby's lives....just like I did for Jade, Hayden, Ruby and Jayson.  Can't believe Annabeth is already 7 months old and Calvin is 5 months....time really does fly by anymore. LOL!
My friend Jan finally got well enough to have the CT scan on her throat to see if the cancer is gone, she will see the doctor tomorrow for the results.  Also my sister-in-law Myrl had a lumpectomy of her right breast and a tumor removed from her neck the latter part of last week and we are awaiting test results on those too! My "sista" Nina had a bad case of a "roto virus" that put her down for a week...sure did miss getting to visit with her, but she would not allow anyone near her until she got rid of know how nurses are right Carol and Scarlett? My friend Jannette is on the last week of her medicine regimen to be rid of cirrhosis trying to salvage her liver from Hepatitis. It seems to be working as they can no longer find a trace of it in the blood work. She has been a hermit since she started it, but now is looking forward to doing something normal again. My sisters all are okay at the moment...crossing my fingers AND knocking on wood too! Kathy has things that will never get better, but for the time being she is not in the hospital and is able to do some things for herself again. Me, I am doing great...just been doing some spring cleaning in between all this aiding the ailing and making memory books...LOL! Plus I have been hooked watching The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With The Stars lots of TV watching in the evenings....LOL!
I took some photos of my girls and added them to this page I created for Easter....hope you like it. I created the background and used a frame and Easter wordart by Fecnick for this one. The photo of me is a selfie I took about 1-1/2 years ago...still look the same, maybe a few more wrinkles...LMBO.
Remember the real reason for Easter and be thankful for all that we have because of Him!   I hope you get to enjoy family and friends after services on Sunday and get to eat a fantastic meal and lots of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and lots and lots of eggs....LOL! Y'all have a great one, make lots and lots of memories to share and to be able to take them out a little later and enjoy them all over again. Chat more with you later! Luv, Mat


  1. So wonderful to hear all your friends and family who suffered from severe health problems(to say the least) are doing a bit better again at the moment. Let's hope and pray all will improve much more.
    With all you are doing I can imagine time is flying away, but good you are taking a break for the visit and wish you lots of fun!
    Happy and Blessed Easter to you, till next week somewhere again.

  2. Good to hear that everyone is doing fairly well. I just love your layout of you and your fur babies. My goodness, you have been so busy making books for everyone. I have been so lacking in my scrapbooking this past year or two. But I do have my blog books, so that is something. Enjoy your Easter visit and come back all rested. Hugs, Edna B.