Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy, busy, busy....and loving it!

I have really been very busy the last couple of weeks and I am certainly enjoying the scrapping, but now I am hoping to slow down a little bit....my friend Jan (72) that had the radiation....is not doing well at all. Two weekends in a row she has spent in the ER to only be admitted for more tests and a few days stay before going home....this last weekend she had a mild non-debilitating stroke that really has her and her hubby (74) scared. They have no immediate family close by and since they were so very good to me when I had my last surgery and therapy, I am helping out as much as I can with fixing meals, cleaning, visiting and explaining things. She is so confused with so many different doctors and not just one telling her what is going on.  Her son, a college professor (who has MD) in Louisiana, is taking a 2 week sabbatical to be with them and this weekend a sister and niece are coming in from Ohio for the weekend to check on her. I know her faith is helping her through this, but she is still scared and needs a close friend right now.
I also have been constantly working on a project for my niece Amy that is about to come to closure and has been a great source of fun for me...I love to scrap pages for her new baby. I am waiting now for some canvas prints I ordered from ArtsCow (taking forever, ordered on the 4th and still not here) to see how one of them looks before ordering more (maybe from a different company)! We have a plan in place for a few special surprises with Mother's Day, birthdays and anniversaries coming up....shhhh!
On the 15th, I took little Tom in for his neutering, wound up they had to do it abdominally as he had one testicle that did not drop and they had to search for it. Poor baby was so scared, he has never been in a carrier, a car or around people before.....he is now coming down from the Tramadol high and is not feeling the best yet, but doing rather well. He is certainly a Mama's boy, he wanted me to cradle and hold him a lot the first 2 days (and I really hated that, right?) but now he is becoming a little more independent, but still very lovable at bedtime (he sleeps on my head). I hope this does not change his disposition.  In the meantime, I am trapping the ones outside to have them spayed and/or neutered since they are running a special for feral cats at the Coalition for Animal Protection. I want to get this done before spring arrives and another set of kittens come with it. (after all the 11 outside are ENOUGH now).
My handyman was just here, got all my leaves gone, the top reinforced on my "kitty patio" and some minor things done this morning....feeling good about it looking so much better out there now. We have had such lovely mild (70 degree) weather that this front that just moved in this morning dropping it at least 20-25 degrees is gonna catch a lot of folks off guard. The wind has picked up and is quite chilly today and by Friday morning it is to be in the teens. Winter is back for a few days. Hope not many will have to go to the hospitals as they are full around here with flu victims. We have had 50 deaths just in this area alone this winter. (I really had a hard time making myself go to the hospital for Jan as I am trying to stay away from crowds because of it)
Well, got to get a move on, need to run over to Jan's and see about lunch for them. Will post these few pages I have done and get after it.  I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. Will chat with y'all more next time, in the meantime, make lots and lots and lots of memories to share. Hugs, Mat
Sorry I cannot find my list of designers I used, will "fix that" when I get back home, thanks to all of you designers so much for all the freebies. Hugs, Mat
OK found the designers responsible for these lovely pages all except the Cousins (still looking). Christmas wrapped is by Linda at Random Thoughts, Aunt Hannah is Holiday Memoirs qp1 by Patty at Over The Fence Designs and the one of Grandpa's Boy is Hopelychek Fecnikek's Winter QP. Thanks to all of you for all you share.


  1. Sorry to hear your friend Jan isn;t doing all to well, and I can imagine she is afraid of all that is happening to her. You are such a good friend to her, being around whenever needed, that must be a great comfort for her and also reassurance for her family that cannot be there all the time.
    But keep an eye on yourself too, don;t you wear yourself down too much, because that is a time viruses and flu germs like to hit you!
    It's about 8 in the morning here and still slmost dark, I hate that! It was nice when I still had the Christmaslights, but now I cannot wait till longer days are here again and I wake up in daylight and if possible with some sunshine LOL.
    Your kitties in and out have a good "mother"taking care of them! And yeah, better be sure there will not be more kitties, gosh, eleven, so many!
    But once they are there, impossible living without them, isn't it?
    You take good care of yourself, hmmm Chicken soup, sounds good, that will keep you on your feet!

  2. More beautiful scrap pages. Kyra is right, make sure to take care you don't get run down. You can't help anyone if you are sick in bed. Good luck rounding up all the kitties. They are so lucky to have you. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.