Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Scrapping we will do....!

We had 70 degree weather, next day it was 12 with a windchill of 0, next day it was 19 with a windchill of 2, then it hit 30 the next and yesterday it was cloudy and rainy, but in the upper 40's, today we have rain and to be near 60, forecast is for 80% rain tomorrow and in mid 60's, but come Saturday, back to 70 "they" say, if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a day...ROFLMBO!!!! This was coldest spell since the Super Bowl was in town....! I know we did not have it as bad as some of the folks up north or even in the northeast, was bone chilling here.  Thank goodness I didn't have to get out in it....not with all the flu going around....we have already had 19 deaths from this flu and another very contagious stomach virus is hitting as well.  The hospitals are full and the Emergency Rooms are non stop. The hospitals, churches, schools and businesses are advising folks to stay home and even separate from any family member that might be contagious as families are being admitted to the hospitals together! Some serious flu this year. Hope all of you have or will get your flu shot as it is not only attacking the very young or seniors, it is hitting healthy folks and not discriminating against age, gender or race.

I haven't been feeling the best lately, mostly allergies I think (probably to the but have been hibernating because of that and the nasty what have I been doing?  Sleeping, reading, watching TV, playing games, reorganizing my closets and my computer and......SCRAPPING! O yes I have! LOL.

My niece, Amy, sent some photos from CHRISTmas of Annabeth and asked for some scrapped for 3 days now have been doing just that.  I even did a couple pages for her sister-in-law, Kayla and her sister-in-law Margaret. (Kayla and Margaret had their baby boys just 24 hours apart. Those of you on Facebook have probably seen all these, but I want them on my blog to be published again at the end of the year! Here are some of the pages....hopefully I can remember which designers I used (didn't write them down as I was having too much fun), if I forget someone and it is yours, please let me know and I will give you credit. I so appreciate all the wonderful and generous designers that gift us with freebies, making scrapping so much easier and a lot more fun. Thanks to all of you!  Here goes....
Annabeth in a frame from Neli at Lugar Encantado de Neli
I created the background using a freebie embossed overlay by PM, the alpha is called Sugar and Spice by Crazy 4 Monograms the side cluster is from Amanda's kit called Traditions  and the bubbles are from Miriam's Scraps
Amy's in-laws holding her Annabeth and Kayla's Brinson in front of the tree, just had to use both shots as it looks like Annabeth is saying boo and the next shot Brinson is crying....I used the cluster frame freebie # 3  from Cocoa Cuties kit by Sweet Pea Designs.
Annabeth and Daddy CHRISTmas morning....Rudoph was peeking inside, the QP freebie is on of Neli's at Lugar Encantado de Neli
Nana & Grandpa with Annabeth, Brinson and big sister Blair in a Joyous QP by Random Thoughts at Linda's Place.
Annabeth in her little zebra outfit is so cute! I used a freebie starter paper by ct at Cheyokota Digital Scraps using her kit Happy Holidays. The frame is a freebie by Marijja at Fecnikek.
Annabeth's first CHRISTmas with Mommy & Daddy!  In a frame from Miriam's Scraps.
Annabeth in a framed QP from theStudio's collab kit called Winter Wedding...this one is from Diane at ADB Designs. 

Try visiting some of these sites for awesome freebies.  Okay, that's it for today's post...will post the rest in a day or so, right now, while there is a break in the rain, I need to go to the pet store for kitty food...they are getting restless that they will have nothing for in the morning if I don't go today....and besides I need to check my post office box, I haven't been out of this house since last Saturday.  I also need to stop and check on Jan a minute or two as she has finished her radiation treatments, but has no voice now and we can't talk on the phone.  Will chat more with y'all later.  I have got to check on some missed items when I return...LOL! Love to all of you and remember to keep making all those lovely memories to share! Stay safe, warm and away from the flu! Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Sinto muito por você estar em meio a essa grande onda de frio, pois o inverno está muito rigoroso nos EE.UU.
    Aqui tem feito calor, mas hoje esteve mais fresco, com chuva.
    Suas fotos estão ótimas e sua sobrinha Annabeth é linda!
    obrigada pelas visitas e pelos amáveis comentários.
    Tenha um belo final de semana, minha querida amiga!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. You really spent your time at some lovely layouts LOL! Well, you are completely right to stay in as long as you don;t have a real need for something to buy!
    Gosh, sounds that flu is really a bad one! I hope to be spared from flu this year!
    Take care and try to stay out of "Health"trouble LOL!
    Have lots more fun the next days with your scrapping, you're doing a great job!

  3. Good night, dear friend Mat!
    I'm sorry that you're in the midst of this great wave of cold because winter is very strict in the USA
    Here has made heat, but today was cooler, with rain.
    Your photos are great and your niece Annabeth is beautiful!
    thanks for the visits and kind comments.
    Have a nice weekend, my dear friend!
    Hugs, Neli.(translated by Google)

  4. Goodness! You have been busy! Your scrap pages are beautiful. The flue this year is extra nasty every where. It even comes back once you think it is gone by. Yeesh! Between that and the freezing temps, this is surely a Winter to remember.

    I'm working on getting better, so I'm off now to crawl back into my lounge chair and curl up in my blanket. I'll be ever so glad to see all this sickness gone for good. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.