Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hi y'all!

Such a busy time of the year...constantly on the go it seems, and my vehicle is still broke down...LOL! I'm hoping that will be fixed by the end of the day as I have a couple of boxes to take to UPS and my last minute little gifts to purchase. I need to buy some food to fix for Christmas dinner too. Not enough hours in the day it seems because I have been in a creating mood. Made lots of borders and now making some clusters....LOL! Anyhow, been trying to do a little scrapping too. Weather has been up and down and when it went down, it went down, like a 40-50 degree drop all at once. Been really dreary and gray and foggy, not today, sun nice and bright and warm. Probably back up in the mid 50's today before the next norther comes in the first of the week. Hope all of you are busy (but not too busy) getting ready to make lots of memories of this wonderful CHRISTmas season. Here's a couple of pages I've created this week. Chat with all y'all later! Luv, MatMy Sister Kathy with her 3 grandbabies. I snatched the photo from Christina's FB acct and the page is by Lindalou called Let It Snow.This is Kathy's daughter in law Tiffany with Jason and Christina's children, Jade, Ruby and Jayson. There is no TOU with the cluster, the page is from RRD.This is sweet Hayden (lol) that Margaret sent to be on my blackberry, the page is from RDH kit and frame from another RDH Christmas kit, the wordart is Linda's and the sentiment is O so true for Hayden...ROFL!!!

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  1. Hi Mat,
    I should make a visit more often, sigh!
    So sweet of you to visit so often.! I saw your borders you make for Miriam, they ar lovely!
    At times that I visit your blog, I must admit, I love looking at your layouts, and I am every time ever so proud if you used some of my stuff!!!
    Well, you know, I see then my work in a different way which can be very refreshing! LOL
    Yeah, we're all busy in those last days before Christmas. Try not to "overrun"yourself, take care, so that you still can enjoy those holidays, not completely exhausted ROFL.
    I will have to make dinner soon, but it's so nice now in my little corner, with the room full of little Christmaslights, in the tree, the manger and at the ceiling.
    If I cannot make it back before Christmas:
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!