Friday, November 21, 2014

Miss Me?

The roller coaster weather around here has been playing havoc with my arthritis and also my, I have been taking it kind of lazy and easy for a spell...ROFL. We had 78F one day and next morning it was 38F and steadily went downhill and stayed there for 5 all my plants inside (thank goodness for the empty duplex, put them all inside there) and all the hoses inside and pipes covered as we had 5 mornings of hard freeze temps in the 20's with wind chills in the teens and even a dusting of snow (that lasted about 6-8 hours before it all melted).  I know, I know, it isn't nearly as bad as some of the northern states...but, for us, it was a real shocker especially the 40 degree drop overnight! Yesterday, we were back with lots of sunshine and 71F and today is to be about as warm, although we have another front on the way that is to bring us some rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. We so need the rain, just not the hail that is a possibility!
With the 4 year drought we have had, my duplex (my side to be exact) is really shifting and beginning to leave cracks around the windows and doors that do not want to close....REAL BUMMER!....but I have already sought out some expert advice and gotten 2 good estimates with 3 more inspections scheduled. I have too much invested to not repair it before some real structural damage is done. There goes a big chunk of change...ROFL...hey, it is only money, right?  Sheezzz! The joys of property ownership!!
Speaking of ownership...I still have not leased it yet, but several prospects have filled out forms for me to check their references. I have mailed my first payment on the loan and made my insurance payment for the year. So far, pretty good and lots of phone calls on it! Very popular area because of the excellent school district and the price range is nice.  I'm looking for someone long term though! 
I am also experiencing some problems with a pesky appointment is the 19th of December and am hoping we can solve this soon. You know I read a lot and right now, I am having to close one eye to be able to focus....not fun at all, but one of the joys of growing older I suppose! I am just frustrated that it is impinging on my computer....iPad....Kindle....TV time....sound like a old person don't I?  Just got to B*%&$ about something!!  ROFLMAO!!
I have been creating a little all along on something for my family for CHRISTmas and am about ready to have it printed so I can get it mailed in time!  Plus, I need to check with Linda at Random Thoughts for my CHRISTmas card this year (last year's was really great) so I can get my cards out just after, it is here already! Next week!! Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and have a lot to give THANKS for! I know I do!
Yesterday was my sister Penny's birthday so I created a card for her of her gorgeous grandchildren (Hayden, Calvin and Annabeth) to put on Facebook wishing her a very happy day! I used a background from Neli, a frame from Fecnikek and a frame from Miriam too. The photos are from Margaret's FB and the other one is by Amy! I like all the pretty colors in it. You can find links to all these wonderful designers on the right side of this blog.
Well, it has taken a couple of hours to type this, think I will hush and get busy....need to put out the trash, the recycle bins and fill the bird feeders....also got to pick up and wash all the outside cat food bowls and refill them, water my flowers, and run the vacuum cleaner. All the inside kitties have been fed and bathed and are all sleeping.  I also need to do a little shopping to refill the cupboards with cat food....I don't need anything for me...LOL! Y'all all have a fabulous weekend making lots of memories to share and say a little prayer for all those poor folks in upstate New York with their weather tragedy! Hugs, Mat


  1. Yeah, missed you around really, specially your own blog. You always are so sweet to leave some comments on my blog, so I feel anyhow a bit connected LOL.
    Sorry you have some health problems, arthritis and the cataract, not nice things, then some allergy coming along too, poor girl, hope it soon will be a lot better.
    Ownership of a house, don;t tell me about it! It is nice to have it, but all the costs and more the problems with it, aren't my cup of tea really.
    So hope you soon will find somebody for longer terms for the condo, that already would be cutting the costs a bit.
    Gosh your weather is a real rollercoaster as i read. Crossing fingers for you to have some rain, but nothing else coming with it, okay?
    As always you seem fat too busy, hey girl, you have a bit the age to take it somewhat easier, don't you think so? On the other hand it feels good we still can do things ourselves, but think about it to do it slower. That is a bit older age privilage hahaha.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mati!
    Obrigada pela visita(deixei comentário no post anterior).
    Ah, minha amiga, eu tive que fazer cirurgia de catarata nos 2 olhos aos 48 anos de idade, isso acontece... mas meu marido sófez essa cirurgia aos 76 anos de idade.
    Quanto à artrite, a homeopatia paralisa a evolução dessa doença, se você for ao homeopata ele irá ajudá-la sem agredir seu organismo como faz a medicação alopática.
    Querida amiga,espero que o inverno seja suave aí no seu Texas para você ficar bem.
    Um maravilhoso final de semana para você e sua família!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. It's good to have you back! I wondered if you were okay. Sorry to hear about the cataract problem, but once it is removed, all will be fine again. I had both of mine done years ago. Soon you'll be reading up a storm again.

    Home ownership can be a pain in the ***, but it has it's good sides too. Although some days I wonder! There is always something needed that uses up any spare money I might think I have. Oh well, it's like you said, it's only money. I'm just thankful that I can still keep things up around here.

    Your weather sounds just awful. I like the 70's temps, but the huge drop in temps is not so good. We are mostly cool now with bits of rain or snow to make things interesting. Today, though, is just lovely. I will going out to do some errands soon to enjoy this day. Hope yours is good too. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Just stopped to check in on you. Sounds like you have been busy and your weather is as cray as ours. We had snow a few days ago, then weather turned warm and now we are getting 50 degrees and rain, tonight it is changing - temps dropping and a snowstorm tonight.
    I to am having trouble with my eyes, got another eye appointment in the morning_ during the snow storm- LOL
    Going to do some baking today, have a cookie exchange coming up, so thought I would start on that, being Jim is going to be gone hunting.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs Donna

  5. translated by Google....
    Good afternoon, dear friend Mati!
    Thanks for visiting (left comment in the previous post).
    Ah, my friend, I had to do cataract surgery in eyes 2 to 48 years old, it happens ... but my husband sófez this surgery at 76 years old.
    As for arthritis, homeopathy paralyzes the development of the disease, if you go to homeopath it will help her without harming your body as does allopathic medication.
    Dear friend, I hope the winter is soft there on your Texas for you to stay well.
    A wonderful weekend for you and your family!
    Hugs, Neli.
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  6. Querida amiga Mat!
    Obrigada por me avisar do problema com o link.
    Já coloquei um link novo lá, ok?
    Um ótimo final de noite para você, amiga!
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  7. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Estou há 5 dias às voltas com meu marido doente,
    mas hoje levei ele de novo no hospital e ele fez vários exames e o médico receitou mais outros medicamentos e ele está melhorando.
    Não tenho tranquilidade desde que ele adoeceu...
    Querida amiga, depois eu volto com mais calma, ok?
    Tenha um excelente final de semana, com muita alegria e saúde!
    Abraços, Neli.

  8. Good afternoon, dear friend Matt!
    I been five days struggling with my sick husband,
    but today took him back into the hospital and he did several tests and the doctor prescribed more other drugs and he is improving.
    I have no peace since he fell ill ...
    Dear friend, then I go back with more calm, okay?
    Have a great weekend, with joy and health!
    Hugs, Neli.